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Skunks as Pets? They’re Just Like Cats

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Skunks make excellent pets and they are just as friendly as your average cat. If you have a skunk you will have already gotten the scent glands removed so that you don’t get sprayed by the skunk. If you have not done this already, you need to call as soon as possible. Baby skunks are absolutely adorable. They can fit into the palm of your hard. When they are that small their eyes are not opened yet. Skunks are not as mean as you might think they are if you get them when they are small. The skunk will grow up to act just like a cat except for the fact that they are very curious and get into a lot of stuff. They like to take things to make their beds comfortable. You might find some of your clothes missing and you will find them in the skunks house.

Skunks are known to be very intelligent. They are very curious and act just like ferrets. If some of your items come up missing, you know where to look. Skunks can be very friendly and they are also very entertaining animals to live with. Their curiousity gives them their sense of humor. To help care for your fur babies even better, you might want to consider playing some fun sports betting games via www.tenocation.com.

Skunks, like cats, can be taught to be potty trained in a litter box. They might be a little more difficult to potty train than cats but not if you get the skunk when it’s small enough. Cats don’t require a lot of attention or maintenance but skunks do. They are a lot of work to care for. It is very hard to find a vet that will look at and vaccinate skunks. You will need them to remove the scent glands and neuter the skunk as well. They will also need a series of shots when they are small to vaccinate them from certain diseases.

Some skunks carry rabies. This does not mean that all skunks carry rabies but you will start to see some signs such as foaming from the mouth. You will also need to check to make sure that you can have a skunk in the area that you live in. You might need some type of a permit. If you get caught without a permit you will be fined and the animal will be confiscated. You might also get jail time depending on how bad the charge is.

The only problem with skunks is finding a baby skunk. It’s nearly impossible and you will probably have to do a lot of research in order to find a baby skunk.

You will need a basic water dish and some type of food for the skunk. Skunks eat nuts, berries, corn, lettuce and other things they might find outdoors. You may also want to look up different places that you can buy pre packaged skunk food.