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Shopping Alert – Artwork Will Be a Hot Trend in 2021

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What comes in many shapes, colors and sizes to brighten up even the darkest room? You guessed it. It’s a piece of well-placed artwork. One of the hottest decorating trends for 2021 will be shopping for artwork to light up your space. And what makes it even more fun is that there are so many places to look. If you wish to have more money to support your shopping habits, you could try and play 오즈포탈 online and have the chance to win lots of money. 

A recent article in House Beautiful titled, “10 Home Decorating Trends That Will Be Hot in 2021,” brought us a list of things to look forward to in 2021. But, the one that excites me the most is the prediction that “Everyone will be focusing on art …” according to designer, Sarah Story.

My only thought is, “It took us until 2021 to get here?” In my decorating portfolio, art makes the world go round.

  • Local Art

Hometown artisans, rejoice! Your neat little tents lined up in a row at a local art show may soon be the weekend destination for decorators, designers and homeowners looking to augment a new project. And for the shoppers – be ready to have your socks knocked off. If you haven’t frequented local art shows in the past, you’ll be amazed at the talent right in your own backyard.

Will you love everything you see? Probably not. But, the thrill of the chase will get you hooked as you browse diverse sketches, paintings, sculpture and the like. And how much more exciting it will be when you bring home your bounty and tell admiring visitors about the conversation you had with the actual artist. That’s what local art has over other types – you’re much more connected to it and that brings value in itself.

  • Internet Galleries

Internet art galleries have popped up all over the Web. That makes for a tremendous selection of affordable art that’s accessible to everyone. But, caveat emptor – otherwise said as, “Let the buyer beware.” Not all Internet galleries are created equal, so shop wisely.

Some web-based storefronts let anyone upload a picture to be sold without checking the quality of the upload. That can translate into a blurry image when you get the piece. Even worse, some sites skimp on the paper, ink and equipment used to produce the artwork. This means you may receive the equivalent of what you could print yourself from a home computer on a $29 printer. You could even shop for tennis dress nowadays. 

You’re best to stick to Internet galleries with a good reputation who scrutinize uploads, use museum-quality materials and high-end reproduction equipment, who offer a money-back guarantee like Fine Art America. They even have a virtual “try before you buy” feature that allows you to see the art you like on your screen in different sizes, mat colors and frame choices. Better yet, they just released a free iPad application that allows you to browse millions of images, customize the frames and mats and then view your selection on your own wall with the iPad’s built-in camera. How cool is that?

Check out pictures and inspiration for this article in the Going For Artwork ideabook on Houzz. You’ll see great examples of artwork you could bring to your next decorating project to make it spectacular in 2021.