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full of thanks

In the spirit of American Thanksgiving (or you know, the cultural genocide of a whole indigenous people WHO WERE THERE FIRST DAMMIT!), here are...
A person holding a baby


My kids had (ANOTHER) PD day today. At 7:30 AM everyone came piling into my bed asking to immediately hit their electronics. I said no....

How To Get Rid Of Bad Energy In Your Home

If you feel uncomfortable in the home, it is likely that you have bad energy. If you feel like fighting and being in pain...

Astrology Signs – Virgo, Sagittarius And Libra

There are many astrology signs and each one has its own characteristics. Learn more about these signs to see how the virgo sun scorpio...

Wedding Planning On A Budget

Everybody knows the fun and important parts of planning a fantastic wedding, like searching for an ideal place, finding the perfect dress, the perfect...