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Tarot Readings & The Major Arcana

Virgo and Libra Compatibility Percentage

The Major Arcana cards are the 22 cards in the center of a tarot card. They are the higher forces of life, teaching you lessons and influencing your spiritual journey, helping us to understand for example the Virgo and Libra Compatibility Percentage.

When you draw a Major Arcana Card in a Reading, it’s often a sign to explore the energetic patterns of this card. It is sometimes called a significator.

The Fool

The Fool represents new beginnings, and infinite potential. It encourages us to take a leap of faith, and trust in the universe to guide our path. This may be a big move like changing jobs or moving to a different country, or it can be something smaller like sending that pitch or getting that haircut.

Virgo and Libra Compatibility Percentage

The Fool can indicate a playful and impulsive love. This card may also indicate that you are not yet at the peak of your relationship. It can also be a sign of a breakup.

The card is a representation of the archetype of the Hero, who leaves the mundane world of the Ordinary and enters the Special World to face their personal dragon (worst fear, event, person or memory that they have avoided). The Fool is similar in meaning to the Monomyth, which is the story of the hero’s journey. In this story, the hero must embark on a spiritual journey to learn to control their ego in order to grow up. This process involves death of the previous self and rebirth into the new.

The Magician

This card symbolizes the creative process; taking an intangible idea or burst of inspiration and making it tangible through deliberate action. It’s a card of self-confidence; having belief in your abilities but also being realistic about the work required to bring your vision to fruition. Arrogance can be harmful, but so can false modesty.

The Magician is a card that can be interpreted positively. It could suggest that you will manifest something new in your life, such as a relationship, business project or creative endeavor. This card indicates you have the skills and resource you need to achieve your goal. It’s now time to act!

If The Magician is reversible, it could mean that you are using spiritual power to gain selfish gains. This could be an opportunity to purge old rituals or belief systems that no longer serve you. This is a warning not to associate with people who are not of the highest good.

The Magician is an expert at everything; law, trades, business, education, communication, languages, and travel. He is a college grad from yesteryear, who went on the classic Grand Tour. He returned home with a more extensive education than what he would have received in his studies.

The Emperor

The Emperor represents control as a means of power. He is a paternal figure as well as the archetype for authority. When you pull this card in your reading, it may be a reminder that things will fall into place for you as long as you remain focused on your goals and have confidence in your abilities.

The Emperor watched Humanity evolve on Old Earth over thousands of years. He did this in the guise many historical persons. He knew that the darkest aspects of Humanity were feeding the Daemons, Warp entities, and other evil forces that ruled over the Immaterium. So he promoted peace to slow their growth.

The Queen

The Queen, the last Major Arcana Card in Tarot, represents balance. She encourages us take a deep breathe and reclaim inner calmness despite chaos and change. This is the perfect time to embrace your power and let go of your fear.

If you’re seeing lots of Major Arcana cards in your readings, it could be a sign that you are undergoing some powerful life-changing experiences. These lessons may be difficult, but they are vital for your spiritual development.

The Major Arcana cards each hold a deeper meaning and symbolism, and they can be interpreted in many ways. By recognizing patterns and themes, understanding their connections to zodiac signs and elements, and focusing on the context of surrounding cards, you can unlock their rich wisdom. These archetypal images can provide insight and guidance, whether or not you use Tarot as a guide to your life.

The King

Spreads are specific patterns that Tarot cards can be laid out in to tell your fortune. Major Arcana deals with spiritual issues and important trends, while Minor Arcana is divided up into four suits, namely, pentacles (love), cups (money), and swords.

The King, also known as The King of Cups or The King in Major Arcana, represents our relationships to others, our emotional well-being and our connection with the Divine. This card may indicate that you feel fulfilled in your relationship and have reached a state of emotional wholeness.

The Tower is one of the most ominous cards in the Major Arcana, as it typically heralds destruction and change. This card is not uncommon in readings when a toxic partnership is about to end or you’re considering a career shift that would give you more stability and security. This card often symbolizes a break in the chain of dependencies or cycles that keep you stuck and afraid. It can also represent an important breakthrough or moment of transformation in your life.

The Tower

When The Tower comes up in a reading it is an indication that radical change is on the way. This may not be something that you want, but it is necessary. As you progress, you will realize that your previous ideas were based on faulty assumptions. This self-destructive approach is what allows new growth.

This card features a tall spire on top of an imposing mountain. Lightning strikes set the building ablaze and flames shoot out of the windows as people jump from their windows in horror. The Tower is a symbol of ambition built on faulty ground and must be demolished before new structures are erected.

When The Tower shows up in a relationship reading it often indicates that things are about to come down, whether through an explosion (big fight that leads to a break up) or an implosion (sudden realization of some truth that shatters your beliefs). This is part of the process which allows for a new start. It’s not always easy, but the results are usually positive. Evolution is not easy for those who hold on to old ways.

The Page

A page (or a page boy) is a young attendant or servant. A page may take messages or do other small tasks, but they can also be present at important events. A page is traditionally responsible for carrying the bride’s wedding rings at a marriage. A page is also a leaf from a book or newspaper.

The Page can represent a new beginning, or a brand new project. It can also be a sign of youthful optimism and naivety.

When The Page appears with The Magician, it can suggest that there is a interplay between two major life forces or big picture issues. It can also be an indication to not jump into something without first gathering all of the facts.