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What is the basic law that everyone must know?

A law aid

Law is both a tool and starting point for any legal system. We all know that our Constitution is intricate and complex. Due to its many of us are not aware of our rights. So here are some basic laws that each citizen must know.

  1. Police officer is always on his/ her duty literally.
    2. Head constables have only limited prosecution power.
    3. Live-in relationships are legal.
    4. Women can file a complaint through email.
    5. a couple cannot file a divorce case within a year of marriage.
    6. There is no law denies for the admission of an unmarried couple to a hotel.
    7. We can ask for water and a washroom for free of cost in any hotel.

How it is helpful for the people?

We know that law is a set of rules and regulations created by our government for the welfare of people. Without the law, we can’t live successfully. The amendment of the law is equal for each one in the country. With the help of the law, we can maintain our society in order.

What is the different type of laws found?

There are four basic types are present, they are the civil law, criminal law, common law, statutory law. Let us see one by one.

  1. Civil case: This law is different from the other three laws. It is otherwise known as non-criminal law. It involves civil wrongs and it is different from criminal law. It involves a major dispute between the individual and an organization. Right to education, property issues, divorce case, children under custody, defamation, ownership issue, and copyright issues are all come under this. It is a system of law concerned with the private relationship between the members of a community rather than criminal or military affairs. The main purpose of this is to resolve disputes and provides compensation for someone injured by someone’s act or behavior. In filling cases here may be an individual or a company or an organization against another party.
  2. Criminal issue: Cases like robbery, murder, etc. have come under this law. It is a branch of the public substantive law. Its main purpose is to prevent undesirable behavior and punish those who commit an act deemed undesirable by society. Here the filling of cases is usually done by the government.
  3. Common law: common law is also known as case law. As the name suggests it’s common to all people and they can use it at any time.
    4. Statutory order: It is also known as a statute law which is provided by the act of the legislature or a parliament. Hence it is known as legislation. It is the prescriptive type of law. The source for this law is the constitution. Based on the validity, at any provision of statutory law can amended as whole or even repealed at any point in time. Based on superiority it is the second law of the land.