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My kids had (ANOTHER) PD day today.

At 7:30 AM everyone came piling into my bed asking to immediately hit their electronics. I said no. Too early. At least get dressed first. Eat some breakfast.

My husband got up and ready for work and came back to give us all kisses goodbye and get us out of bed. The kids, who not 5 minutes earlier wanted to be playing Fortnite and watching TroomTroom videos, whined and said, “But it’s a PD day, we want to sleep in.”

And then my daughter said :

“Oh Mom, everyday is a PD day for you.”

And that is when I realized that I will never win.

If I am a stay at home parent, every day is a PD day and apparently all I do is “go shopping and out for lunch and to the gym”. If I am a work out of the home parent, then everyone complains that I am not home enough and spending too much time away from the family. If I want to do anything to further my writing or professional life in any way, it’s up to me to fit it in to the family schedule without disrupting the status quo. Balance is a myth, having it all is a myth, personal fulfilment in this life dichotomy is a double-edged sword and the pointy end is always aimed at my heart.

I know I am in the VERY privileged situation of not having to work, and believe me, I do not take that for granted, but I am not sure where I have gone so wrong that my kids think that literally EVERYTHING I do is akin to an all-day-every-day-free-for-all-grown-up-PD-day.

I’m not going to list off all the things I do here, because if you are a woman and also a mother, you know what that list looks like. You have THE LIST. It’s a devil’s list. You know, one where you never ever cross off all the items on it, because more things just keep getting added to the bottom and it is never ending! AND, apparently, this list and all of the items you’ve crossed off and accomplished are also invisible to the people in your life.

And people wonder why mothers become these uber-pinterest or Instagram perfect moms. UMMM, HELLO!!!! IT’S BECAUSE WE NEED SOME RECOGNITION FOR ALL WE DO AND WE ARE NOT GETTING IT AT HOME!

Case in point: I have spent the last 3 months looking for the perfect winter season duvet cover for our master bedroom. Last week I finally found it, bought it, made the bed, and posted a picture of it on Instagram and it was the most liked thing I’ve posted all month! On the other hand, the response from my dear spouse was, “Why did we need a new duvet cover?” and from Ten it was, “Well, it’s not very festive.” So you see… LITERAL STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET CARE MORE ABOUT THE THINGS I DO TO MAKE THIS HOUSE A HOME THAN MY OWN FAMILY!

So next time you see a mom post before and after pictures of her messy/tidied house, her clean and folded laundry, or her redecorated family room YOU WILL LIKE AND <3 THE CRAP OUT OF THAT POST BECAUSE THAT WOMAN NEEDS TO BE SEEN AND APPRECIATED! Next time a mom posts a long list of all the errands she ran and the seemingly small yet many jobs she got done that day, YOU WILL CONGRATULATE HER AND GIVE HER A VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE AND TELL HER WHAT A GAWTDAMN ROCKSTAR SHE IS!

We’ve got to do this for each other ladies. Because contrary to popular belief, even that of our own little flesh and blood sweet baby angel children (demons), MOMS DO NOT GET PD DAYS!


Eff everyone else.

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