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Choosing The Right Tarot Reading

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Tarot reading is a spiritual practice that offers people insight into their lives. It also serves as an instrument to make informed decisions, when taking specialized readings such as a free love tarot reading.

Many believe tarot readings provide people with access to their intuition and inner wisdom, which can lead them to greater success. Furthermore, they believe it helps them create a positive future and materialize their dreams.

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Tarot cards contain complex symbols with many meanings. It’s essential to comprehend these before beginning to interpret the cards.

One way to interpret the symbolism in tarot is by identifying those that appear repeatedly throughout the deck. For instance, if you notice castles appearing frequently, this could indicate safety and stability for you as a reader.

It’s wise to take note of the color scheme used with symbols in tarot cards. These hues can have an enormous influence on the energy of a card, as well as being related to chakras or auras.

Discover more about tarot’s symbolism through books. These are an excellent starting point for beginners as they provide a comprehensive look at the history, icons and meanings behind each card.

Tarot symbolism can be complex to decipher, especially the minor arcana. But with some practice and patience, the journey will be rewarding and insightful!


No matter if you’re just beginning or have been reading cards for years, selecting the correct deck can boost your confidence and comfort level in reading cards. As a general guideline, choose one that appeals visually as well as has symbolism that speaks to you personally.

Sarah Potter, tarot reader, emphasizes the significance of artwork on cards. She suggests taking time to research artwork online at sites like Aeclectic Tarot before purchasing as it helps convey its meaning. Furthermore, placing the deck in your car or bed before a reading can give you more of an energy sense for what lies within each card. To help support your hobbies and passion, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via Ufacasino168.

Once you’ve selected the ideal deck, it is essential to take good care of it. After all, you will be using this deck daily so make sure it’s made from quality materials. Furthermore, protect its energy by keeping them stored safely away from direct exposure such as on your desk or table.

Before each reading, it’s wise to shuffle the cards. Different techniques can be used for shuffling depending on how you prefer working with cards; some prefer shuffling the entire deck while others divide it into three piles and select one card from each group.

In addition to shuffling the cards, you may need to reshuffle them if your interpretation is unclear or there are multiple cards representing an aspect of your life. This is particularly common when doing an open-ended reading such as a relationship or career reading.

When planning for your reading, take into account which decks work together best and how to pair them. Tarot author Michelle Tea recommends using two decks with different themes for an open reading; she says one deck can focus on relationships while the other on career.


Tarot readings rely heavily on spreads, or patterns of cards. These can range in complexity from straightforward layouts using only a few cards up to intricate ones that utilize all cards in the deck. The purpose is always the same – to provide you with a concise and focused answer to your question.

Reading a spread effectively requires understanding what each card represents in its position and how they relate to one another. This requires taking time to consider each card’s exact relationship to its neighbors – both Major Arcana and Minor Arcana – which can help reveal special messages or patterns.

For instance, a Tarot Spread that features many Major Arcana cards may indicate you are a leader or have high status, while one with many Minor Arcana cards suggests creativity and independence. Another important factor to consider when reading the spread is whether all cards share the same suit or number.

Your relationship with others, communication style and values and beliefs can be revealed. Additionally, it reveals how you deal with conflict and manage emotions.

This spread’s first card examines what has transpired over the past year and what motivates you. It is essential to remember that what transpired last year shaped you, so taking a moment to reflect on it before moving forward can be beneficial.

Finally, the final three cards suggest what may transpire in the future. This can range from unexpected twists of fate to a fresh approach to considering your situation.

There are various ways to use a spread, and with practice you will develop your own techniques and preferences for getting the most accurate reading possible. It also helps to hone your intuition by asking yourself questions such as “What does this mean?” or “How should I respond?” This will help you connect to your inner guidance system and make sense of the tarot reading itself.


Tarot reading is an empowering spiritual practice, but one that takes time to master. There are several ways to begin learning tarot: selecting the correct deck and spreads, honing your intuitive abilities, and creating connections with the cards themselves.

As a beginner, it’s essential to approach tarot reading with empathy and care. Once you’re ready to dive into studying tarot, it’s wise to select a deck that feels both familiar and comfortable for you. This will make it simpler for you to connect with the cards and understand their meanings.

After selecting your deck, it is wise to learn how to shuffle the cards. Doing so will help keep track of what each card signifies and prevent confusion with other symbols or images. You can shuffle cards however feels most comfortable for you – by placing one hand over another and pulling sections at a time into one hand, or fanning them evenly across both hands.

It is essential to select a tarot spread tailored to your questions and situation. The most popular are the three-card and five-card, but there are many others available as well.

Some spreads focus on a particular theme (for instance, career), while others take an abstract approach that can encompass all areas of life. A three-card spread may offer guidance in the present while a five-card spread takes into account both past and future events.

Tarot is a tool that can offer clarity and guidance on various topics, such as love and career. Additionally, it’s an enjoyable activity that helps you process and resolve problems in your life.