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Defining Greater Boston real estate is tricky. There are essentially three Bostons. The first is Boston proper within city limits. The second is the immediate surrounding metro area that you reach by the MBTA. The third is what amounts to most of the eastern third of the state of Massachusetts. Earn the money to get into real estate. Play simple and interactive betting games at www.ufabet168.info/ufabet-เว็บตรง/.

The last encompasses all of Suffolk County, a large portion of Middlesex and Norfolk Counties, and portions of Essex and Plymouth Counties. Its western edge stops just short of Worcester, its southern edge around Brockton, and its northern edge around Gloucester. The population of this area, within Interstate 495, is some three million.

A less ambitious Greater Boston follows similar contours but lies within Interstate 93 and is bisected by Interstate 93. This swath is marked, essentially, on the north by the town of Lynn, on the south by the town of Quincy, and on the west by Waltham. All of this area lies within a 30-minute commute of downtown Boston. Regardless of how the line is “drawn,” Greater Boston real estate is the third most expensive in the country, trailing only Honolulu and San Francisco.

FAQ: Greater Boston Real Estate

Boston proper, then, is small in geography (48.4 square miles) and in population (600,000). Add the 85 municipalities and you have the seventh largest metropolitan area in the country. If you are looking to move there, to acquire Greater Boston real estate, you want to learn more about the character of the municipalities and neighborhoods, the demographics, prices specific to each versus the median, and what your preferences are among the options. Only then will you be able to make the most of your time with a realtor.