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Tarzana was founded in 1922 and originally was named Runnymede. The community applied for its own post office but was denied because there was already another Runnymede in California. There was already a Tarzana Ranch and a Tarzana Tract in the area, so the community was renamed Tarzana in 1927.

Tarzana is situated on the southernmost edge of the San Fernando Valley. It lies between Encino and Woodland Hills, creating a nice row of peaceful communities in Los Angeles County about 25 miles north of Los Angeles. The northern portion of the community is located on the flat land of the Valley and the southern portion is located along foothills. There are around 30,000 people living in the 8 square miles that is Tarzana.

Home Selling Tips

When trying to sell your house, you want everything to appear as un-cluttered as possible. This includes your cabinets and closets. Find the clothes that you use the least, like special occasion or out of season clothes, pack them away and put them in storage. Do the same with your dishes. You’d never part with the chafing dish your aunt gave you for your wedding, but if you don’t use it every day, maybe you could stand to put it in storage for a little while. This clears up the clutter that can drive buyers away and helps you get some of your packing done early. While waiting for your house to sell, play simple and interactive betting games at UFABET168.

Doing repairs for your home before buyers come to look at it can be well worth the effort and cost. Buyers can be very fickle and are quickly turned off by small problems in your house that can easily be fixed. The price of the repair will certainly outweigh the amount you will have to come down on your price if the house doesn’t sell. By taking these type of steps early, you increase your chances of quickly selling your home and finding that perfect Tarzana home to replace it.