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Health Benefits Of Scented Candles

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Scented candles from Tyler Candle Company are a popular way to bring ambience, atmosphere, and relaxation into any home. Studies show a strong connection between scent and emotion. Certain scents have been found to help regulate hormones, improve memory retention and foster relaxation.

Mood Enhancer

Scented candles are an easy and relaxing way to add ambience and create an atmosphere of calm. But did you know they also provide surprising mental health benefits?

Tyler Candle Company

Candles can help improve your mood by stimulating the limbic system of the brain – responsible for controlling emotions – which in turn may relieve stress and symptoms of depression.

Scented candles offer a soothing atmosphere that can help improve sleep. Lavender, lemon and vanilla scents have been shown to promote relaxation and reduce stress – the three are some of the best fragrances for sleeping soundly.

Other fragrances which have been found to improve mood and increase concentration include eucalyptus, rosemary and mint. These scents have been linked with feelings of relaxation, energy and happiness.

When feeling blue, lighting a candle to cheer yourself up can be the perfect antidote. But to ensure it has the desired effects on you, be sure to select only those made with high quality materials and that contain natural and essential oils for maximum impact.

At any point during the day, lighting candles is an effective way to relax and appreciate nature’s beauty. Studies have demonstrated how scented candles can enhance mental clarity by helping us focus on being present.

Light candles before bed to help relax and restore natural sleep patterns if you are dealing with an emotionally taxing situation. This approach may also prove particularly effective.

Scented candles can be an amazing mood enhancer for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress. Not only can they provide peace and tranquility; they can also help focus your mind while improving productivity and self-confidence – even leading to improved overall health benefits!

Stress Reliever

Scented candles can be an effective way to relax. Studies have demonstrated their benefits in terms of mood elevation, stress reduction and relaxation as well as bettering sleep quality.

Doing your best to combat stress through aromatherapy with a scented candle is simple: just light one and take deep breaths of its fragrant fumes until their scent fills your surroundings and you feel relaxed within moments.

At your fingertips are an array of relaxing fragrances to help reduce stress and anxiety, such as lavender, sweet vanilla, rose, lemon balm, chamomile and geranium. Some scents specifically targeted toward this goal, like ylang ylang are available too.

When purchasing aromatherapy candles, it is essential to check their ingredients. Some may contain artificial fragrances which could potentially harm both you and the environment.

Another key consideration when purchasing candles is the type of wax used. You should look for one made of natural coconut and soy blend, which ensures an even and long-burning experience.

Candles should also feature lead-free wicks to allow them to burn slowly and cleanly, and their manufacturer should be sustainable and vegan-friendly.

No matter the occasion or your relaxation routine needs, this list contains something suitable to everyone’s taste – be it aromatherapy candles for stress and anxiety relief or more natural methods of soothing.


Scented candles can be an effective way to relax both mind and body. Their aromas may help ease stress, enhance sleep quality and alleviate depression.

Notable candle scents that promote relaxation include lavender, orange citrus and sandalwood. Essential oil-derived fragrances tend to provide the most soothing experiences; however, synthetic fragrances may also prove helpful.

Lavender is an all-natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever that works wonders to relax nerves, lower blood pressure and ease muscle tension. Furthermore, lavender helps ease headaches and anxiety symptoms.

Bergamot is another relaxing scent that can help reduce anxiety by increasing dopamine and serotonin production in your brain, acting like an antidote for stress while increasing positive feelings. A popular ingredient used in candles and massage oils due to its hypnotic effect, Bergamot can help promote relaxation while decreasing stress.

This can also serve as an effective natural stress reliever, aiding insomniacs in finding restful slumber. Furthermore, it provides an ambiance conducive to yoga, mindfulness or transcendental meditation practices.

Scented candles that help your body relax can also be found, including those featuring scents like eucalyptus or pine needle. These scents have been shown to promote relaxation, making them popular additions for meditation or relaxation practices.

Memory Enhancer

Scents can be an extremely powerful way of helping us recall memories. Smelling certain scents instantly triggers these memories in our brains – whether that’s sea salt from the beach breeze or something new like reading a novel.

The olfactory nerve is directly tied to the limbic system, a body part responsible for memory and emotion processing. Our sense of smell also connects directly to our hippocampus in the brain which serves as the region responsible for memory storage and learning.

If you’re having difficulty recalling things recently, lighting a scented candle could help improve your memory. Scented candles may also serve to relieve mental fatigue and keep you focused during studies or important projects.

Another effective way of using scented candles as memory boosters is by creating custom scents with personal meaning, or selecting multiple fragrances to burn simultaneously if you’re trying to set an atmosphere.

Candles can help to alleviate anxiety and increase energy levels, by stimulating receptors in your nose that send signals directly to the brain.

They do this because they can help raise dopamine levels, which in turn alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Furthermore, they can lower cortisol, which is linked to stress.

Lavender candles have been found to reduce stress and relax the mind, while grapefruit and mint scents may also provide comforting relief. Meanwhile, rose and ylang ylang essential oils have also been shown to combat depression while increasing joyous feelings. In addition, these scents may increase energy levels by raising serotonin levels in your brain.