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What Do Wedding Rings Symbolize?

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Your wedding jewelry should reflect you and your partner. While many brides opt to wear a suite of matching jewelry, simpler options are often more flattering.

Rings have long been associated with romantic commitment, and they’re an important part of many wedding ceremonies, from the couple rings to be a great option for groomsmen gifts. What exactly do these wedding rings symbolize? And how did they become such a significant part of this ritual? Let’s examine the two types of rings most commonly exchanged.

The Engagement Ring & Wedding Ring

groomsmen giftsIn modern culture, the diamond wedding ring is something of a cultural phenomenon. While rings of various shapes and styles have been used in wedding ceremonies throughout history, it was a 1940s marketing campaign by the De Beers diamond company that really brought the diamond ring into widespread popularity for use as a wedding band.


The engagement ring symbolizes a promise of marriage, and the wedding ring solidifies that promise with its eternal circle design. These two rings are common symbols of love, fidelity and commitment that are used at weddings in many cultures. They can be replaced with other types of jewelry if you want to make your ceremony more meaningful.

The Right Rings

When choosing wedding jewelry, you should consider the individual style and preferences of each couple. For example, some people choose to have their engagement and wedding rings match in both color and design. Some people prefer to mix and combine rings for a unique and individualistic appearance.

In addition to considering the style of your rings, it’s also important to think about their materials and durability. There are other metals available besides gold and platinum, which are the classic wedding ring materials. As an example, tungsten rings are becoming more popular because they are strong and durable. Titanium is another option that is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and scratch-resistant. It’s a great choice for active couples who may be wearing their rings more frequently or in challenging environments.

There are also several gemstones you can use to create a ring that is more colorful and unique. These include sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and more. Some people choose to have their rings engraved, with a personal message or date. This can be a very touching and personal touch.

Non-Traditional Rings

There’s been a recent rise in interest in non-traditional selections for wedding rings, thanks to the growing influence of social media and reality TV stars. This has led to a number of new trends that have been embraced by modern brides and grooms alike.

The eternity band ring is one such trend. These rings feature diamonds or other gemstones that run continuously around the ring, symbolizing everlasting and infinite love. This is a beautiful alternative to a traditional solitaire ring.

Other unique options for wedding bands include a variety of natural and synthetic stones as well as more unusual materials, such as meteorites that have been sourced from outer space and glowstone resin. This allows couples to create a ring that will be treasured by future generations.