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How To Write A Sports Guide


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Season wrap-ups or previews provide a bird’s eye view of an upcoming season. They also show how a particular team feels when the final whistle blows.


A sports biography is a narrative about a specific person in the sports world. It’s a story that tells about the person, their career, and what they have contributed to the sport. Sports profiles can be challenging to write because they require a certain level of reporting and research. The story must also be well-told. The best sports profiles are able to draw readers into the subject and make them feel like they are experiencing the person’s life.


These types of stories can also be called sports bios or athlete biographies. They can cover athletes from any sport, but are usually focused on those who have achieved greatness in the sport. Examples include golfers and tennis players, baseball and football players, and boxers.

Often, the biography will be told in a journalistic style, using quotes from interviews and other sources, but sometimes the author will try to give the reader a sense of the person’s personality by describing the person’s mannerisms or how the person reacts under pressure. For example, Pamela Colloff’s terrific story about the firing of a women’s basketball coach in a small town in Texas, published in Best Sportswriting 2006, tells us the story of this coach by telling us about her family and friends, her moral beliefs, her relationship with her church, her work ethic, her competitiveness and her innate integrity.

Sportswriters who are specialized in writing profiles will find that their enthusiasm for sports and passion for storytelling should shine through their summary. This will resonate with other sports enthusiasts, and also help them to stand out among editors and others who are scouting top-tier writers.

A strong athlete profile will help a student-athlete to get noticed by coaches, and achieve their athletic goals. A strong athlete’s profile should be concise, clear, and highlight the player’s strengths, interests, and skills. It should also include any previous sporting achievements. It should also include the player’s primary role.

Soft Stories

Every journalism student will soon learn that there is a distinction between hard news and softer news. Hard news relies on accuracy and timeliness.

A sports soft story might look at the way a wheelchair rugby player has helped to change people’s lives, or how a coach teaches his or her players respect. These stories offer journalists the chance to step back and reflect on larger issues in a sport or explore a character’s life.

Media critics and academics have debated whether celebrity and lifestyle stories affect political knowledge and interest. However, these stories continue to make up a significant part of broadcast and printed news content. In the United States entertainment and lifestyle stories make up about 17 percent of all broadcast news stories and approximately 10 percent of all print news stories.

Season Previews & Wrap-ups

A season wrap-up or preview is a staple in the sportswriters’ repertoire. These stories are usually done when teams and coaches prepare for a new season or just finished one, in glory or infamy. They take a bird’s eye view of the season and illustrate the expectations or attitudes of coaches and players.

Interviewing relevant individuals will help you to support your opinion. Interviews that support a well-reasoned opinion are more likely to gain you supporters than a simple statement.

You might begin a season preview with a scene where coach Norman Dale is watching his players practicing baskets. You could then describe his expression of frustration as he watches each player miss a shot. You could then ask his players about their opinion of the team’s chances to win this year.

In your previews and wrap-ups, you should also compare and contrast teams. Even if local teams are popular and well-liked, the opposition will have its own supporters who will be interested in reading about their prospects.

The SportsTV Guide will show your guests you are serious about sports. You can highlight your favorite/preferred teams, so they appear at the top of your Guide or in bold. You can also filter for a specific date or range of dates to avoid your staff having to search around for the game you want to show. You can also print out your Guide and keep it behind the bar or at the hostess’ stand.