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Drug Testing In Sports

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When it comes to taking substances, nearly every athletic governing body has a policy about drug testing in sports. From the Olympics to the L.A. Marathon, to extracurricular sports using skates from https://www.skates.com/collections/womens-inline-skates after regular school hours, utilizing steroids, illegal hallucinogens, and other body and mind-altering drugs has been frowned upon. Most of this is due to the concepts of natural strengths and abilities, as well as keeping the playing field fair and sportsmanlike.

For example, the NCAA bans many stimulants, anabolic agents (steroids), street drugs (heroine, cocaine, marijuana), alcohol, some diuretics, and testosterone. Caffeine, a stimulant, will test positive if the amount in the urine exceeds 15 micrograms/ml, while marijuana and THC cannot exceed 15 nanograms/ml. The NFL prohibits the use of all illegal drugs, the abuse of prescription and non-prescription drugs and alcohol, and the use of non-illegal drugs to produce the effects commonly associated with illegal ones.

Drug Testing in Sports at School

While professional athletes have to follow strict health rules in order to stay in the game, teenagers performing in High School and College teams sometimes have to do the same. Indeed, recent Supreme Court rulings have backed up public school administrators in the concept that random drug testing of athletes and all students participating in extracurricular activities is lawful and condoned. After all, public taxes go towards these after school programs, and it is up to the teachers and organizers to make sure the students are not high while taking advantage of them while high. 

Parents and teachers in favor of these policies regarding drug testing in sports also turn to the many lessons an athlete will learn about personal willpower, hard physical work, and teamwork, and how staying off drugs will help them find these strengths in himself. Self reliability and a respect for one’s body are two other issues that prop up about the drug testing debate. For more drug test info for the sporting field or workplace, please visit some of the other pages regarding these topics. Earn the money for your tests, play simple and interactive betting games at https://oncapan.com/.