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Benefits Of Taking Dietary Supplements


For some, dietary supplements can prove to be beneficial. Supplements from www.hitoshin.com contain active ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, and herbs. These ingredients have powerful effects upon the body. They can be beneficial for maintaining good health.


For example, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils might help lower your risk of heart disease. Many supplements also contain minerals, such as calcium, which help keep your bones strong. However, taking more than you need can lead to serious health problems. A vitamin, such as folic acid, may decrease your risk of certain birth defects. Supplements are also available for those who don’t get enough vitamins or minerals from their diets.

Folic acid may be required for pregnant women to prevent certain birth defects. Vitamin D is also good for bones. In fact, a systematic review of nutritional supplements found that only omega-3 fatty acids are effective in preventing heart disease.

A dietary supplement cannot contain licensed biologics like antibiotics or steroids. Also, they must be labeled as dietary supplements. They must also be safe and free from harmful ingredients. You can check the label of your supplement for the contact information of the FDA.

You can also find information on dietary supplements at the Office of Dietary Supplements. Their website includes a fact sheet that mentions specific products and services.