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5 Types Of Inexpensive Promotional Products


If you want to win at trade shows and exhibitions, you need to choose promotional products that are inexpensive but meaningful. People love to get free branded candy and pen pens from companies’ stands, but if they want to be perceived as luxury brands, choose meaningful gifts such as a swim cap from www.yorkn.ca/product/adult-swim-cap/. High-quality gifts convey a sense of quality and luxury and show your customers that you care about giving them away.


Wearable promotional products

Companies can now offer a variety of products to increase brand exposure thanks to wearable tech. Wearable fitness trackers can be used as a promotional product. These devices can be worn like watches and do not interfere with daily activities. Wearable fitness trackers are an alternative to a wristwatch. They can be worn on any finger, wrist, or ankle and be easily spotted by passersby.


USBs with branded branding are a great promotional gift. They come in many sizes and capacities. With the right branding, your company logo can appear on these devices, which your customers will be using every day. If you’re looking for something creative, consider designing USBs shaped like your logo. There are so many options! Contact a USB manufacturer today to get started! These innovative products will make your business more memorable than ever!


Using calendars as promotional products can be an effective way to reach your target market. Calendars are easy to produce and can be included in your marketing materials. You can also incorporate customer stories of success into the calendars to gain trust and influence recipients to make follow-up calls or visits. High-quality photos and illustrations are excellent tools for advertising and can reflect your business’s image well. Premium calendar printing conveys professionalism and is a great way to represent your business. Customers will be more likely to return if they receive a high-quality product from a reputable company.

Customized umbrellas

Umbrellas make great promotional items, especially if they are branded with your logo or company name. These umbrellas make great corporate gifts or can be used to promote hotels. A luxury branded umbrella could be the perfect choice for your next promotion campaign. These umbrellas have a 48-inch arc, a wooden shaft, and a curved handle. They can be used for charging your phone via Bluetooth or waterproof, and even have an unscrew option.

Protective equipment

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is any item that protects us from harm or harmful exposure to the elements. You can use gloves, masks or respirators to protect your skin. Others include helmets, gowns, and even hand sanitizer.