I am mad today. And I’ve been vague-stagramming on my IG stories.

Because shitty men continue to be shitty.

Case in point:

Last week the Canadian magazine Maclean’s, published this front page cover.

AKA Canada’s mediocre white frontmen.

AKA Canada’s mediocre white frontmen.

I mean, have you ever seen a more tone deaf and fucking WHITE AF cover? I think The Beaverton put it succinctly in their satirical post about it…

...we are hoping that by appropriating a term currently used to describe disenfranchised communities trying to fight for their survival and instead applying that term to a bunch of powerful politicians who are doing their best to make the world burn, we can once again really show people how out of touch Maclean’s truly is.

The internet dragged Maclean’s quite mercilessly over it, AS IT SHOULD HAVE, and you can read some of the best of the tweets and one-liners in this article from Vice. One particular response and reimagined cover photo from Janet Eremenko, the NDP candidate for Calgary-Elbow, was particularly inspired and oh, so, true.

True because while everyone was recoiling from calling a bunch of rich, powerful, white dudes The Resistance, this may in fact be the most honest thing said about them. Because they ARE resisting. Resisting the waves upon waves of PERSISTENCE (particularly that of women) that keeps coming and coming and coming. Relentless, unwavering, unstoppable, PERSISTENT. Nevertheless and always.

And I am not sorry to say this, (and you knew it was coming)…

{this kind of} RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

I was so inspired that I made this. Me. The not-very-crafty one. (Truth - I made a ton of mistakes, had to redo the P and correct a typo, yes, A TYPO. But yeah, I MADE THIS!)


I wore my newly embellished sweater today and felt those waves of persistence building in me. And then I checked the internet and stumbled across this article in the Atlantic titled The Nancy Pelosi Problem and felt those waves getting even bigger and stronger. You’ll have to read the whole thing, but here’s just a taste of what the “problem” is:

The more successful Pelosi is—the more she outmaneuvers and dominates her male adversaries—the more threatening she becomes. And the easier it becomes to tar the male Democratic candidates who would serve under her as emasculated yes-men. Which makes it harder for Democrats to retake the House.

It is not that Nancy Pelosi is not qualified to do her job, if anything, she’s a bloody genius as a House Leader and Speaker. The “problem” is that she is a woman in control. A woman in control of men. A WOMAN WHO PERSISTS, while all around her, people keep trying to make her feel and seem less than she is. And she refuses to let them. Look, I don’t know everything about Pelosi and her politics and there may be many reasons to not like her, but her being a woman who has climbed to the top and realized her ambitions and worked her ass off, is not one of them.

Ladies, (yes, I am talking to only the women now, men, go scroll through The Chive or something) It’s not just the Nancy Pelosis and the Hilary Clintons and the Elizabeth Warrens and the Rachel Notleys of this world who have to fight this “resistance” of men who are threatened by the very same attributes they value the highest in themselves. It is you and me and all of us. Fighting the messages that we are “less than”, or “not enough”, and all the other garbage that we are fed a steady diet of from birth until death because of our gender. (And FYI, this goes double for anyone who identifies outside the binary of male/female, POC and LGBTQ2S folx).

I’m so done with this shit. I am done saying what I have to say while coddling the feelings of the men who may not like to hear the truth so plainly put. I’m tired of people making funny “feminist” jokes around me, because they know I’m the LOL Stay at Home Feminist. I’m tired of doing the all too familiar workaround of convincing men of a course of action by manipulating the conversation to make it look like it was their idea all along. And I am so very tired of stunting my emotional growth to accommodate anyone else’s schedule.

Oh, and you know what else I am tired of? Shitty men, being total harassing douchebags to women and thinking that in this day and age they are gonna get away with it. #TIMESUPMOTHERFUCKERS


Like I said.

I am mad.

I think this is my baseline from now on.

Deal with it.

Join #thepersistence.

We have cool sweaters.



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Board-Approved Non-Instructional Days

Our school system has established this weird “November Break” where the kids are off for a total of 5 days (including the weekend). It’s a bit frustrating actually. It’s not quite long enough to take a full on vacation (although quite a few folks I know do and just take the whole week anyway) and it is also not short enough to just be a super long weekend kind of thing. Nearby places to take off to (ie, the Rocky Mountains in Jasper or Banff) are in the shoulder season and while you can find some good deals on hotels during these times, many restaurants and shops in these towns are closed and the weather is completely unpredictable - some years there is enough snow and ice to do winter activities, other years you can hike the more popular trails easy peasy and with far less tourists around.

I am sure if I had my shit together, I could have figured out something for us to do, but in the end, I said “Fuck it, we are just staying home and chilling this year”. Probably because I am kinda tired of being the planner of EVERYTHING and also….


Nope, actually that is it. I was too damn tired and fed up to book anything and have it all on me to be the family travel agent. AGAIN.

So we’ve been staying home, watching movies and Netflix shows (we are all totally into The Dragon Prince right now), the kids are probably playing WAY too much Fortnite and Roblox, and I am trying to maintain my regularly scheduled activities and giving them some independence while I am at it. Oh, and my friend Marissa also gave them a job this week and they have been delivering handbills all over our neighbourhood for the AMAZING #MadeinAlberta On the Spot Pop Up Show happening this weekend in Edmonton. (They were motivated to do this mainly because one of our “Family Gaming Rules” is if they want money to buy anything from an App or Game, they have to earn it, it can not come from their allowance.)

Go to this and do ALL your Christmas shopping this weekend!

Go to this and do ALL your Christmas shopping this weekend!

You’d think with all of these “days off” I would’ve had plenty of time to write and keep up with #NaBloPoMo. Well, you’d be wrong. Days off for kids ACTUALLY means days ON for parents. I mean, I know I should not complain TOO MUCH about them wanting to hang out with me. I know this phase won’t last much longer. And yes, I am digging the past few lazy mornings cuddled up in my bed and their dad coming to give us all kisses goodbye as he heads out to work. But I am a Capricorn people! Order and routine are my JAMS.

Come to think of it though, I’ve actually accomplished quite a few things in the past few days, with some help from the kids and my handy dandy paper To Do lists. I picked up what needed picking up, returned what needed returning. Finished a template/sample of a new crafty thing I am working on. Made a trip to IKEA - IN AND OUT in under 45 minutes - WINNING! And rearranged the whole basement in order to make us a new workout/practice/home gym space.

If I build it, I will come (use it). Right?

If I build it, I will come (use it). Right?

I really have no point to this post other than, LOOK, I wrote all these words just to tell you why I haven’t been getting my posts written and up on the blog, But, look, LOTS OF WORDS. And I am about to hit publish.

So there.

I only missed three days.

I am NOT throwing in the towel on this thing!




I’m taking part in National Blog Posting Month, which means I’m posting on this blog {almost} every day throughout November. You can follow along and see who else is posting this month by following these hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter: #NetPositiveBlog and #NaBloPoMo.

sassy dragon says go to bed

Life is busy.

Kids have dance, and sports, and music, and school.

Grown ups have meetings, and social commitments, and sports, and the gym, and driving the kids to and from the list above, and that is not even including work.

Today was one of those busy days for us.

One kid was just DONE by 7 PM, and showered and in bed, completely passed out by 7:30.

The other one shortly thereafter.

We grownups watched a movie on Netflix, and literally forced ourselves to keep our eyes open for the last 32 minutes of it.

In hindsight, I probably should have gone to bed at 9 PM myself.

It was a busy day, but a good day. We spent it with family and friends. I wanted us to go and do one more thing, but in the end, that didn’t happen.

I’m happy that we have such a full life.

And I’m happy for my new piece of art courtesy of my nephew.

The best part is that the googly eye moves and if you tilt it a certain way, this dragon is a total sassy-pants!


Sassy dragon says it time to say,

Goodnight my lovelies.



I’m taking part in National Blog Posting Month, which means I’m posting on this blog every day throughout November. You can follow along and see who else is posting this month by following these hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter: #NetPositiveBlog and #NaBloPoMo.