Week 8: chug a lug baby!

The latest from my #infinitecoaching nutritional program with Jessica at Infinite Fitness:


Human beings are made of at least 60% water. So it kind of makes sense that we need water to survive.

Our brains are 80% water and at a mere 1% dehydration level, our mental performance and physical condition starts to become impaired. This is even before thirst kicks in. People don’t usually start to feel thirsty until they have already lost up to 3 % of their body’s water.

The problem here is that water is just so…. BORING!

We all know we should be drinking the recommended 8-12 cups a day, but how many of us ACTUALLY do that?

I know I don’t.

Click over here to see how I figured out how to actually do this (hint: there is an App for that)!