Throw Down!!

I have been dared to do something. And not just a regular dare...a TRIPLE DOG DARE. The kind you just can't say no to.

It even says so in Wikipedia:

The infamous Triple-dog-dare is infamous for the sole reason that you cannot back down from it--without exception! An issued triple-dog-dare has no counteraction and must be implemented and/or carried out.

So, of course I am going to do it. I can't NOT do it, that would just, well, make me a pussy. Right?

So what is the dare you ask?






The lovely and sassy Jen Banks (you might know her as @JenBanksYEG on the Tweeter) had triple dog dared me to write 30 blog posts in 30 days.

Before I get into that, here are a few things you need to know.

I do not believe in consequences. I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Every event in you life, every step you take, every choice you make and every person you meet. All of these things happen because they are supposed to happen.

I don't remember when Jen started following me on Twitter or when I started following her, but that happened. And then we met IRL (in real life) at, of all things, a Twitter event. I was there with the also awesome Tanis Miller (AKA The Redneck Mommy). The three of us ended up sitting together and tweeted sillyness very serious and meaningful information throughout the event.

And then we went out for drinks afterwards and we started talking about what we each DO (you know for a living and all). Jen is in SEO (search engine optimization for all you non-techies out there). I own an online store and (at that time) knew nothing very little about SEO. She decided to make my website her pet project. I said sure (actually it was more like yes, please, pretty, pretty please)!!

I can honestly say that the major changes you have seen in the look of the blog and the natural urban mamas website have been directly because of what I have learned and am still learning from Jen. So? Was it a coincidence that we met? I think not.

I think what has drawn me to her as a person (and as a friend) is that she PUSHES me. She makes me want to reach for more, to be a better e-commerce business owner, a smarter one, and she has this crazy uncanny ability to connect people. And now she is pushing me again to be a better blogger.

We all need these kind of people in our lives. The ones who push us to do more, to step out of our boxes and do better, to be MORE. And I for one don't want to let her, or you, or myself down. This is one challenge/dare that I am determined to DO!

So get ready for 30 days straight of my ramblings. I have no idea what these posts will all be about. Some will be long, some will be short and sweet, some will be Wordless (pictures), some with be funny, some maybe not so much. This is a journey for me, one I hope you will come along on with me and enjoy!

On the one hand I want to say 'Damn you Jen', you can't just throw down like that! But the other hand is saying Damn Jen--I can DO THIS. we go.....

(and 1 post down!)