Irony and an Arrow

Do you know what sucks and is also kind of ironic? I am attending a blogging conference this weekend, the inaugural Blogwest 2012 AND I am also suffering from a seemingly unending case of writer's block!

I seriously have about 10 posts sitting in my drafts folder that I started writing, got to a certain point and then just sort of lost steam.

And this is starting to really piss me off!

I think it is because my brain is so full of a lot of other life events right now. Selling our house, building the new house, closing the store, getting the new site up and running, prepping the family and business tax returns (whoohoo fun... NOT!!), and packing, I really have to start doing more packing.

All of this has left me feeling like I may be neglecting my space and my readers here on my blog.


What I am NOT feeling, is like I am neglecting my family.

And really, that was the point of pretty much every major decision that I have made this year. Right?

Little C wants me to help him make an imaginary recipe of sticks and twigs and play dough. Sure thing baby.

Princess L wants to read me a story and pretend that she is the mommy. Yup, just let me sit down first.

Starting each morning with a new favourite song of the day and a kitchen dance party. Check.

Ending our days together taking the dog for a walk and getting some sweet, fresh, snowy air. Doing that.

REGULAR date nights out with Natural Urban Dad every couple of weeks and an evening babysitter who loves my kids. Yes, I've got that too!

So while I may be not writing a whole lot lately, I am doing a lot more of what I am supposed to be doing. Looking after me and my little family.

Now, what I am also feeling, is that I need to really come to terms with and be a whole lot more vocal and proud that I am a...

Magnificent MAMA,

a wonderful WIFE,

and a brazen BLOGGER!

And kind of in that order too.

Inspiration with hit soon enough and my block will become unblocked. When it does, I will be ready for it, and so will my typing fingers!!

I have a feeling that it might happen sometime this weekend when I am surrounded by the many bloggers and brands and fabulous online folk that will be attending Blogwest 2012.

A friend of mine pinned this anonymous quote tonight and I thought it was very a propos!


Getting ready for a big 'launch'!

Goodnight all,