it is all up here in my head

I swear I am writing. (And not just taking silly iPhone pictures all day!) See...

Writing, writing, writing.

OK. Here's the thing...

I have one seriously big flaw. (Yes, yes, I know I have more than that, but this is the biggie!)

I have HORRIBLE time management skills.

Like, truly AWFUL!

I can guarantee you that I have not been on time for more than about 5 things in the last 5 years and these were probably all flights somewhere!

And every day, I get these amazing ideas for blog posts and things I want to write about and I mentally take notes and I start to "write" the posts in my head and tell myself that when I get home and the kids are napping, I will write and post all these amazing things.

And then I get home and the kids decide NOT to nap, or there is the freaky, never-ending, someone put the laundry on loop, pile of clothes that needs to be washed/dried/folded, or the dog is giving me the "Yo, lady, it's been three days since I had a decent walk" look, or I need to make four more calls about the Natural Urban Home (SEE, when was the last time I posted an update on THAT little project?) or I am closing the Natural Urban Mamas store and getting all the orders packed/shipped and into the hands of my amazing customers or... Well, you are getting the picture right?

I just can't seem to find the time.

Until now usually.

And NOW is 11:30 PM and it is Bedtime.

I could stay up and write for another couple of hours...

But my poor husband would go yet another night with me sneaking into bed after he has been there for 2-3 hours already and we made a promise to each other over Christmas that we would have a decent bedtime and go to bed together from now on.

And I really want to go to Bikram Yoga tomorrow morning and for this I need to put my "It's just like getting to the airport on time for a flight" mentality to work and truly get there on time. Because just like a flight, those crazy Yogis lock the doors when it is time for Bikram lift-off and don't open them for anyone!

But I promise you.

All these great posts.

I have them all up here in my head.

Please stick around for when they finally make it to the {little} screen!

Thank you and Good night,