date night

You know what is important when you are married with kids? Date night.

Especially after a day with 4 kids under 6. One of these my 4-month old baby nephew, who HAS to be worn at all times. (I think I MAY have forgotten how this is all baby plus other kids stuff is done and I can now honestly say that I do not *in any way* want any more kids!)


Lately, what Natural Urban Dad and I have found, is that date night with another couple is a great way to have even more fun!

You can commiserate with each other, share inappropriate stories that only other parents will understand, and it never drags on and on because everyone needs to get home to pay the babysitter.

So make a list of your couple/parent friends and start double dating again!

And then come home after an amazing meal (and lots of sangria) at Tres Carnales and more wine for dessert and start taking ridiculous Photobooth pictures of yourself!

Trying to appear sultry and failing by managing to make it look like my finger needs to hold up my chin?


How I am likely to feel in the morning!


It was all worth it!

Thanks to J and S, and of course, Natural Urban Dad for a great double date night!




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