F'in Perfect!

I wrote a post last week that seemed to really hit a cord with a lot of people. If you missed it ,you can read it here.

Essentially, I was having a really bad week and feeling quite crappy and needed to just 'let it out' so to speak. Which is one of the big reasons that I have this blog. To let all the crazy, random, sometimes silly, sometimes profound thoughts and conversations I have with myself OUT. I am an emotional person and sometimes I can't quite verbalize my feelings as eloquently as I can when I write them down and so, here I am.

I received quite a few comments and emails and personal Facebook messages from a lot of you and I wanted to thank each and every one of you who did comment or send a message (and those of you who didn't but I know felt the same). You don't know how much I needed to hear that I am indeed NOT alone in feeling sometimes inadequate or ill-equipped for this whole motherhood job!

Here are a few gems that really stuck with me.

Pam wrote this and I could not help but feel better about myself (and not just because of the skin comment!)

"Please try to be happy with who you are - the amazing mama that loves her children more than anything and has a beautiful smile (and great skin that women half your age would kill for)."

....and Shannon wrote this,

"...you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this time and it is your choice on how to perceive that."

....and Allison really got me thinking with this,

"I have been preaching to my daughter from the time she was just a baby that she should never say anything to herself, about herself - aloud or in her head - that she would not say to her best friends. If it is not kind enough to say to a friend you love, then you should never say it to yourself either."

....and Kim actually wrote this post that I think you should read too.

And then I really listened to the lyrics of Pink's new song and saw the video and cried (again!  Yoohoo, remember me, Miss Emotional!). And so I am dedicating this to all mothers out there, young and old, vibrant and wise, baking 17 loaves of bread or watching a movie with your kids.



Especially in the eyes of the most important people in the world...your babies.....

Much Love,