Still {and always} my baby...

Tonight while I was out for dinner with a few friends, I received this text from Natural Urban Dad.

So I called and Little C and I talked and I promised I would give him his goodnight cuddles as soon as I got home.

When I got home, I went straight to his room as I promised. I walked in and saw him sleeping on his big boy bed, looking so sweet and beautiful and peaceful and I was reminded of another moment in our lives together.

This one when he was a mere 5 days old.

He still looks like this when he sleeps.

I wish I could freeze these moments in time, our special nightly cuddles and talks.  I would put them in a jar and take them out one by one later in his life when he is older and doesn't want them (or me) as much as he does now.

Sometimes I bitch and complain about my kids and how attached they are to me. And then I realize that, umm, DUH, I raised them to be this way, and I should take all the attachment that I can, while I can. I know it won't last forever. And one day, he will be the one out with his friends and it will be me sitting up in bed at night saying over and over,

"Please, my baby, please come home soon...."