Our week de-railed by a nasty bug....

I am so sorry everyone, I was all set to get the 30 Days of Truth going this week and then, and I swear to God, not 20 minutes before I was about to write my first post, it hit me. THE FLU.  And not the ache-y, runny nose kind, the chills-fevers-can't stay too far away from the bathroom-have a bucket with me at all times kind!! This was Monday night and I did not sleep at all.  Tuesday I begged my sis to come and watch the kids so I could get a few hours sleep and good, God how I love that woman, she did!  And I washed my hands like crazy, disinfected everything and prayed that the kids would not get it.  Well, seems the messages did not get through, because Wednesday night was a rip-roaring puke-fest at our house.  I was washing someone's sheets at least every hour and a half and by the end of the night we were all sleeping on layers of towels.

This is the first time L has vomited since she was a baby and she was NOT happy about it and also not very good at keeping it in her puke bucket.  C was not a whole lot better, as it has been close to two years since he has vomited too.  (Of course, I attribute their relative healthiness to the extended breastfeeding, but this one broke through all of our defenses!)

So this is what our house looked like on Thursday.  Pathetic Baby #1 and Pathetic Baby #2.  Not pictured is Pathetic Mama (trust me, it was BAD).

We are all on the mend now.  Every sheet and towel and surface has been thoroughly disinfected and we are ready to face the world again this week.  And that being said, I promise that on Monday, November 15th, I will start my 30 Days of Truth!

Thanks for reading everyone, and make sure you get your entries in for our contest and giveaway.  You can find all the details here.  Up for grabs are a local Edmonton photo shoot with our friends at Timeless Edge Photography and a gurumama Ring Sling and a Gift Certificate from Natural Urban Mamas.

Here's to your health, and ours too!!