it is all up here in my head

I swear I am writing. (And not just taking silly iPhone pictures all day!) See...

Writing, writing, writing.

OK. Here's the thing...

I have one seriously big flaw. (Yes, yes, I know I have more than that, but this is the biggie!)

I have HORRIBLE time management skills.

Like, truly AWFUL!

I can guarantee you that I have not been on time for more than about 5 things in the last 5 years and these were probably all flights somewhere!

And every day, I get these amazing ideas for blog posts and things I want to write about and I mentally take notes and I start to "write" the posts in my head and tell myself that when I get home and the kids are napping, I will write and post all these amazing things.

And then I get home and the kids decide NOT to nap, or there is the freaky, never-ending, someone put the laundry on loop, pile of clothes that needs to be washed/dried/folded, or the dog is giving me the "Yo, lady, it's been three days since I had a decent walk" look, or I need to make four more calls about the Natural Urban Home (SEE, when was the last time I posted an update on THAT little project?) or I am closing the Natural Urban Mamas store and getting all the orders packed/shipped and into the hands of my amazing customers or... Well, you are getting the picture right?

I just can't seem to find the time.

Until now usually.

And NOW is 11:30 PM and it is Bedtime.

I could stay up and write for another couple of hours...

But my poor husband would go yet another night with me sneaking into bed after he has been there for 2-3 hours already and we made a promise to each other over Christmas that we would have a decent bedtime and go to bed together from now on.

And I really want to go to Bikram Yoga tomorrow morning and for this I need to put my "It's just like getting to the airport on time for a flight" mentality to work and truly get there on time. Because just like a flight, those crazy Yogis lock the doors when it is time for Bikram lift-off and don't open them for anyone!

But I promise you.

All these great posts.

I have them all up here in my head.

Please stick around for when they finally make it to the {little} screen!

Thank you and Good night,




30 Days of Truth: Day 12 - Something I never get compliments on.

This is going to be a short one. (I am having a rough day-not sure why exactly, but I will still get a post up!!) I never get compliments on my PUNCTUALITY!

Probably because I don't seem to have any!

Seriously, I can not be on time for anything!

And I do try, really I do!!

I start getting the kids and I ready LONG before we need to be anywhere and yet somehow, 97.8% of the time, we are always LATE!

It is a good thing I have kids though--at least I can blame them for some of my tardiness. As in, "Really kid? Boots and coat on and NOW you have to poo!!"

Just this past week alone I was late not once but twice at my hair salon. First for my own appointment and then on Friday for my daughter's appointment, which we had to reschedule. Try to explain THAT to a two-year old who has been asking all week about going to get her hair cut!

So, it is no wonder that I don't get compliments on my punctuality!

I am working on it, I swear!

Goodnight all. Tomorrow is another day and I have to be somewhere....ON TIME!!