and he's off...

To Grade One that is.

A full day,

a very full backpack,

a mama's heart full of pride and love for her little man,

and about 25 retakes just to get one decent "Back to school" photo!

Seriously folks, six year olds and cameras = opportunity for all the faces!




This one is the keeper!

And yes, he has decided to be an illustrator. The kid has some mad drawing skillz folks!

I hope the first day of school (or non-school) was awesome for you and yours too!


What I believe...

I believe that in order to be a star, you have to shine your light on others. I believe that what you put out to the world comes back to you three-fold (good and bad).

I believe that we all have a purpose. Some of us are better than others at uncovering what exactly that is.

I believe that like attracts like, on a very DEEP level.

I believe in the power of connections through word of mouth and personal experiences.

I believe in being passionate about life, love and work.

I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, even if I do end up getting burned.

I believe in collaboration and cooperation, not competition. (Although I do like a well-deserved WIN!)

I believe that ALL things in our lives happen for a reason. (Not the first time I have said this.)

I believe in taking a leap of faith, making the first move and going for it. (Even though I always think I am going to totally pee my pants right before I actually DO anything!)

And every time I look at THIS picture of myself,

I feel incredible and BELIEVE that I can DO anything!

This photo is my professional head shot. It was taken last summer, by the ever so talented Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge Photography.

Linda has a gift. She also believes passionately in her purpose as a photographer and story-teller.  And she gets goosebumps when she takes the perfect shot.  And quite frankly people, if she can make one dawg-tired mama look this good, it is a seriously awesome gift!

This picture of me is EVERYWHERE. My website, my facebook page, twitter, here on the blog, you name it!

It is my mark, my signature, my way of saying 'Hey there, this is ME!' to everyone in the ever-expanding world of Social Media. And it is very important to have an image like this that truly reflects who YOU are in this online world.

To that end, Linda is offering a fabulous deal to local Edmonton men and women who NEED to get a really good or a new and updated head shot/avatar/Gravatar/profile picture. Trust me people, it does make a difference!

It was not until I changed my profile picture on 'the tweeter' to the above picture of myself, that the venerable and oh, so awesome @unmarketing, Mr. Scott Stratten himself, started following me!

So, take the leap and go for it. Get your head shots done with Linda this month and trust me, you won't be disappointed.

And who knows what kind of increased and fabulous following you will soon be enjoying!!!






I also believe in the power of Social Media!!

Night all,



Me and my camera getting to know each other better.

I have a fabulous new friend.  Her name is Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge Photography and she is great!  Not only does she take amazing pictures (have you seen my new avatar?), she is my new photography mentor.  She is also the kind of photographer who makes photo shoots fun, never goes for the canned shot and truly loves what she does.  And she gets goosebumps when she gets "THE" shot! Every time I am with her, she gives me little bits of advice and tips about how to improve my picture taking.  Like did you know that you can use a tissue over your flash to give that diffused light look?  Or how about the "S-curve"? That oh-so-flattering way that movie actresses and supermodels always stand when getting pictures taken on the red carpet.  Or the one that has made the biggest difference for me is placement of your subject in the picture. Never in the middle, always in the upper or lower corners of your view frame.

So that being said, here is a sampling of my 'work' lately behind the camera.  A few nature shots in my mom's garden and a couple of shots of my little muses.  What do you think?

Say cheese, Natasha~