Selfie: An Official Word.

In honour of Selfie becoming the official word of the year according to the smarty-pants peeps over at Oxford Dictionaries,  I give you 13 of my very own selfies.

The good, the bad, the 'what the hell was I thinking', and the 'yeah, that's right, I did just post that SELFIE all over the internet, future employers be damned'!




1. The 'Look I am at the hospital and they made we wear this ugly gown.' selfie.

2. The 'Trapped under a sleeping child.' selfie.

3. The 'Look how artistic I am, I caught myself in a ray of sunshine.' selfie.

4. The 'My kid is the handsomest EVER' selfie.

5. The 'Duckface' selfie. (I am so, so, sorry!)

6. The 'I don't really go to the gym, I swim instead and look like a dork in my swimcap.' selfie.

7. The 'make a funny face and stand sideways so you look slimmer' obligatory, bathroom selfie.

8. The Pet Selfie. (That took 15 takes!)

9. The 'Look at me, I got caught in a torrential rainstorm.' selfie.

10. The 'fresh out of the shower' selfie. What? Cleanliness and Godliness and all that....

11. The 'kissing my little mini-me' selfie.

12. A picture of a POLAROID selfie! (This shit is GOLD people!)

13. And finally, the  'its -30 degrees Celcius and this smile is actually frozen on my face' selfie.