Breastfeeding Thoughts: A Letter to my Kids

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My dearest son and daughter,

This is MOmmmeeee here.  I thought I would write you both a letter to express what I have been feeling lately.  Mommy has just finished two weeks of writing about our breastfeeding experiences and it has made me think a lot about this time we have had (and still have, my little lady) together.

For you my son, I would like to thank you. Thank you for teaching me patience, the kind that you need to have at 2 o'clock in the morning and you are a brand new mommy trying to nurse a premature baby who technically should still be in the womb and is having a hard time 'getting' this whole breastfeeding thing.  Thank you for learning to sign "MILK" so early, so I would always know exactly what you wanted and when!  Thank you for showing me the kind of mommy that I was meant to be, one who listens to her child and knows his needs (versus-all the nay-sayers and 'schedulers' and 'baby-trainers') and one who is willing to go with the flow of motherhood and let it take us to where we are naturally meant to be.  My little man, you and I shared EXACTLY three years of breastfeeding and I would not trade one of those 1095 days for anything else.

To my daughter, my little me.  You are a lucky, lucky girl.  Your big brother paved a very nice path for you.  Despite all the concerns everyone had, including me, about Mommy having another baby - YOU were and are perfect!  And because of what I learned with your brother, you are getting a much calmer and a much more confident Mommy.  Your brother showed me the kind of mommy I was meant to be and you, my dear are honing my skills.  I am a better breastfeeding mommy, a better babywearing mommy, a better EC'ing mommy and....well, I am just better.  You were my sensitive baby, my never-could-I put-you-down baby, my mama's girl and that was OK, because I was a better mommy.  You still are my baby girl, even though you are growing every day, saying new words and sentences, figuring out your puzzles and games with your brother.  I don't think I knew it before, but I am sure now that I needed you to be the 'needy' one.  And I love that you can now ask for all the great things that we have done and continue to do together, like "Mommy nurse?" and "Mommy piggy back?"

Nursing both of you has been one of the highlights of motherhood for me.  It makes me feel special, even though it is the most natural of our mothering instincts, and for that I can't thank you enough.  I have written here about our time of nursing and I hope that through our experiences or maybe because some other mommy saw us nursing or read about it that the three of us can be an example and encourage others to seek the joys that we have known together.

I hope that one day you read this and know how special and wonderful you both are and that you have made me a MOTHER in more ways that I can say.

I love you forever,


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