30 Days of Truth: Day EIGHT - Someone who has made my life hell or treated me like shit.

I am back. Sorry for the '30 Days' hiatus. Christmas, birthdays, 40 feet of snow in Alberta  (only a slight exaggeration) and a hip injury take a lot out of a gal! (Disclaimer:  Uh-oh, why does she need a disclaimer?  Well, cause there are a few cuss words in this post, it is not for your kids to read and if you know me or anyone in this post, well.....just deal with it, I make no apologies for my truthiness!)

Day Eight is about someone who has made my life hell or treated me like shit.  My initial thought was, really, I can only pick one? So, no, I did not just pick one, I thought I would make a list....it could be a long list... I do have, ahem, 39 years worth of shit to dredge up!!

So here it is, a list of the people and situations that I wish I had had the maturity, insight or ummm, balls to handle differently.  If you are on this list, well, then I am super surprised that you are reading this blog! If you are not on the list, then aren't you glad to know that I keep these kinds of lists (insert evil laughter here)!

It is all People's Choice awards-show like, so feel free to comment on who you think the winner(s) should be!

And the nominees are:

1. The kid in grade six who thought it was all cool to punch a girl in the stomach.  It is NOT and I kind of hope you are bald and living in your mother's basement now.

2. My mother's second husband.  I really hope there is a special section of hell for drunk-ass motherfuckers like you who call 14 year old girls, and I quote, "two-bit whores" and who trash said 14 year old's bedroom in a booze-induced blackout! (That marriage lasted all of 14 months and we hightailed it outta there as soon as we could!)

3. The guy who told me I was 'pleasantly plump' right before we had relations (at far too young an age I might add).  Do you know that at that very moment, you killed any ounce of self-esteem that I had left in me?

4. The bully/most popular/got away with EVERYTHING guy in high school who picked me up and threw me, not once, but twice into something hard and painful (a bus seat and bathroom door to be specific). You were a mean bastard and I kind of wish ill on you even though I know you are doing just fine Dr. Bully, DDS.

5. My first long-term boyfriend and supposed best friend. Thank you so much for sleeping with each other (on more than one occasion). That made me feel oh, so special. Fuckers.

6. My on again, off again, on again, off again, on again, off again, on again, off again, I thought you were my soul-mate, why did you hurt me so bad and so often, university boyfriend (who may just be reading this right now). You may not have made my life hell, but I just wish that I had had the self-awareness then to tell you that I deserved better.

7. The woman that I worked with who spread rumors that I was sleeping with the boss.  NO, I was just BETTER than you bitch and you could not deal with that!

And...hmmm, I think that is it actually. (Oh, I could name a few more, but then I would just be getting petty.)

To be honest (and this all goes back again to Doc Brown in "Back to the Future" and messing with the space-time continuum), if all of these things had not happened to me, would I be where I am today?  Would I be the strong, confident (I say with a smirk), 'I know where I have been and I know where I want to go', kind of person that I am? I really don't think so. I truly believe all things happen for a reason, even the crappy things.

So take your lumps folks, cause it is true...what does not kill us, makes us stronger.  And smarter. And able to start a blog and tell the whole Internet about that time when you did a bad, bad thing....