The Tenth Anniversary of my Thirtieth Birthday.

Okay fine. Exactly 40 years ago today at 11:37 PM, I was born.

The last baby born on the first day of 1972.

I think my mom got a blanket and some kind of baby cup from the hospital to commemorate the birth of her New Year child.

Today I woke up and felt refreshed.

For the first time in a LONG time, I awoke and my body and my mind felt good. Like REALLY good.

And as some of you may know, feeling good has been a struggle for a few months.

In September of this past year, I was really looking forward to 40. I kept telling myself that 40 is the new 20 and kept planning all the things that I was going to to before I got there and then during my big milestone year. And then as the months progressed, I felt like I had a slow leak somewhere and all my enthusiasm and my plans just seeped out of me.

Even last night as I was celebrating the new year and my birthday with my best friend and her family, I still wasn't sure how I was feeling about my big day.

So I am not sure exactly what happened during my sleep last night, but I woke refreshed, with a sense of purpose and also a huge desire to clean and purge my closets, cupboards and well, yes, my life too, of all the clutter and excess that exists there.

I don't want to set resolutions for this year. I don't even think I want to set goals.

What I do want to do is set myself on a journey. One in which I truly discover who I am and who I am meant to be. One in which my life and my mind is not preoccupied with so much 'stuff' that does more harm than good and one in which I can clearly find and see the path that is mine.

Because trust me, nothing makes you realize how fast time is moving like looking in the mirror and seeing a 40-year-old you looking back at you and then looking down and seeing your now 5 year old looking at you too.

I have a starting point for my journey, thanks to some dear friends.

My good friend and personal trainer, Jessica, gave me the book and DVD of "The Secret" to read and get me going.

Karissa, another friend that I 'talk' to a lot on twitter gave me these words of advice, "Ask yourself "What is it that I want?" If no answer comes, ask the next day and the next day and the day after that until it does."

I also bought myself a journal to write my intentions down in because I find that things stick more for me if I go all old school and actually write them down.

And so my journey begins, today, right now and I am excited about it.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy Tenth Anniversary of my Thirtieth Birthday to me!!

Walking shoes on,