30 Days of Truth: Day NINE - Someone I did not want to let go, but just drifted.

Today is my day NINE of 30 Days of Truth and it is about someone in my life who has drifted....

She is still around and I see her a lot, but our relationship is not the same.

When we first met it was like we were meant to be forever friends. She looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and had the most beautiful golden locks and I said to myself--how can I NOT be her friend. She is the most patient being I have ever known and can sit and listen to me for hours. She was (and is) still my most loyal friend.

She stayed by my side every day for two months when I was on bed rest while pregnant with our first child.  She has this weird sixth sense and has always known when I am sad or hurt or in pain and tries her best to comfort me.

We have traveled together and experienced many firsts together. And we have a lot in common. She loves the woods, the mountains and swimming, as do I.

Although she will never be a mommy herself, she has taught me more about nurturing than a lot of others. How to pay attention, to be patient, and most importantly to love unconditionally.

We don't do as much together as we used to. Kids and life in general have taken up more and more of my time. I miss the things we used to do. Going for long walks in the river valley, taking exercise classes together, heading to the mountains for a weekend getaway, and much more.

The thing is, that no matter where my life has taken me, she has always been there for me. Ready to go at a seconds notice, whenever I call. And my kids love her too! She has unending patience with them.

So although our relationship has changed in the six years that I have known her, she is now and has always been so, so dear to my heart. I know our friendship will keep changing and one day we will do more with each other again.

For now, I believe she knows how much I love her still.







....and really how can I not?  Just look at that face!!


My Willow

Lots of love, Natasha~