These are a few of my favourite things.... Day TWO: lil' Brockli Boutique

"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes......" ~ Maria, The Sound of Music

I am NOT crafty and I definitely can not sew!. Oh, sure, every now and then I can pull off some miracle of craftiness, but for the most part I did not inherit that gene from anyone, nor have I taken the time to really learn how to DO anything crafty.  But what I lack in craftiness, I make up for in appreciation and respect for those who are and do and in the end create amazing works.

That being said, next up on my list of favourites to shop with this season is lil' Brockli Boutique.  Lil' Brockli is owned by Allison Brock, a fabulous woman and a mom of three girls and although you would never guess it she actually failed Home Ec!!

Allison creates incredible, one of a kind boutique clothing for little girls (and soon little boys too!) that are impeccably made.  She is a stickler for things like serged seams and topstiching and a whole slew of seamstress talk that just goes way over my head!

What I do know is that she makes incredible pieces of clothing. Ones that are cherished by both the people who buy them and the kids who wear them.  I mean really, just look at my DD in her lil' brockli original made especially for her birthday this year!

Allison also brings in some of the best made Pettiskirts I have ever seen. They are made in the US and are the fluffiest and highest quality that I have found.  And the best part is that you can customize these and get whatever combination of colours you want in them.

And last but not least are the shoes!!  OK, I fully admit it, both my kids now have what I deem a healthy appreciation for shoes (others might call it an obsession.  Eh-potAtoes, potAHtoes!).  Allison carries the lovely Livie and Luca brand of shoes in her boutique and we love, love, LOVE these shoes.  And I did not know this before, but every pair of shoes from Livie and Luca is handmade from leather remnants that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill somewhere!  Now I love them even more.

Allison has been so kind as to offer all of you a 10% discount on all in-stock items in her boutique.  So head on over to her website or go over and 'like' her page on Facebook and get some one-of-a-kind quality goodness for your little princess this year!!

"...these are a few of my favourite things...."