a peek inside

Okay, okay, time to do some writing. Now, what am I going to write about today.....???

*Goes off to check Twitter and Facebook. Gets sucked into a vortex of Youtube videos of Jimmy Fallon singing like Neil Young.*

OK, seriously.

Yes, that's a good idea, let's write about something serious today.

*Goes off to watch another Fallon video - this time it's the one with my no-he-is-not-too-young-for-me movie star boyfriend, Joseph Gorden Levitt, lip-syncing to Nikki Minaj.*

Maybe I should write about that thing that I read about the other day. You know the one.


Maybe I should try my hand at some abstract poetry. Something deep and meaningful.


Yeah, yeah, let's do that!










OK, nothing profound happening today.

Let's go back to that first idea.

What was it again?

Oh, screw it.

I'll just do some free form, stream of consciousness writing and see what comes out.


(10 minutes later, hits delete on 457 words)


Well, that was just crap.

Now what?

*Heads off to see what's happening on Twitter-again. Posts a picture on Instagram.*

Ok, no, really, that first idea was a good one. Go back to that one.



Off I go.

*Closes all other open tabs, takes laptop to quiet room and starts writing.*




A few weeks ago I bought myself a couple of notebooks to help give me a kick in the pants with my writing and get into the habit of writing SOMETHING at least once a day.

I decided to open up the 642 Things To Write About book today at a random page and this was what it said.

Inner monologue


You're welcome {to the inner workings of my very easily distracted brain}.