Hi. My name is Natasha and I am a GEEK!

Something very rare happened this weekend. I went out. On a Friday Night. To a fabulous event. With some of the coolest chicks around. Yes, that is right, I attended my second #YEG Girl Geek Dinner in Edmonton.

Now some of you are like, but, you are not REALLY a geek Natasha, you are all lipstick wearing crunchiness, so why do YOU go to these events?

Why? WHY NOT is more like it?? Why would I not want to meet some of the most incredible women in Edmonton in science, engineering, technology, the food industry, politics and the list goes on and on.... Why not step outside my box of "this is what I do and this is what I know" and find out more about the talent and passion that is out there in the form of girl geeks of all ages and from all walks of life. The Edmonton Girl Geek Dinners are about inspiring women to get out and celebrate their geekiness, connecting with like-minded people, supporting each other and encouraging our future generations of smart, savvy girl geeks! Hell YES I am going!!

This particular Girl Geek Dinner was a special one. It was the first birthday of this monthly phenomenon in Edmonton and as such it was more of a cocktail party atmosphere than a formal sit down dinner. There were even party games.

(This is the part where I earn my big ol' GEEK badge.)

The game was a familiar one. We all got the name of a famous 'geek' stuck to the back of our shirts and then we had to guess who we were. And by famous, I am mostly referring to pop culture icons and lots of movie, TV, video game and internet references. And outside of one TV show that I just did not get in to early enough (BSG for all you diehards), it seems I am a rather big geek. You need to know all the names of the characters in "Chuck"? I am your gal. Star Wars AND Star Trek? Check! You're an obscure superher0? No worries, I am married to the human encyclopedia of superheroes (and somehow it seems to have rubbed off).

I can recite MOST of the dialogue in the movie 'The Princess Bride', ALL of the dialogue from 'Highlander', and thanks to my husband, I know way more about the origins of 'The Avengers' than any one woman really should!

So yeah, I am kind of geek-y in that sense. And I will kick your butt at a game of pop culture Scene It for sure! But if you really must know, I am WAY geekier about something that I think is far more wonderful than simple pop culture....

Yeah, you guessed it. BABYWEARING!!

No really, I am. Is this your first time here?? (If it is your first time then go here and here and you will see why.)

Here is the thing. I have two children, both weigh just over 30 lbs and insist on still being worn on a regular basis in one of the 30 or so baby carriers that I have (that was at the last count a few months ago). I do this not only for their comfort and because it is far easier than any stroller for ease of transport, but also for my babywearing 'fix' (so to speak).  And nothing satisfies that 'fix' or gets me all fired up more than a new and fabulous baby carrier! (See, just like any other girl geek getting excited over her newest techie toy!)

And yesterday I got just that.

My five meter "Albert" Storchenweige woven wrap that was rarely used, was lovingly re-purposed into THE perfect converted wrap tai (think mei tai with wrap straps) by the ever-so-talented Shannon Mozak from Metamorphosis.

I really did not know what to expect when I gave my wrap to Shannon a few weeks ago. We exchanged a few emails and I showed her some pictures of what I had in mind. I wanted a ring cinching waist band, a hoodie hood and a contoured body. The rest was up to her. This is what she came up with (an original pattern that she drafted herself) and trust me folks, it has exceeded any and all expectations that I had!!

It has the ease of a mei tai baby carrier and the strength and comfort of a woven wrap! It truly is the best of both worlds. And the ring cinch on the waist is so incredibly comfy. I really like how snug I can get it. And the thing that I love the most about this carrier are the wrap straps. I can cross them in front (across my chest) and spread out the fabric so that it does not feel like I am wearing some kind of industrial cross your heart bra contraption!!

For a wrap that I think I have maybe worn a handful of times in the past 4 years, I can see this new incarnation of it fast becoming my go-to carrier and it is going to go in the car TODAY!!

If you want to see it in person you are going to have to come out to our next Babywearing Walk in Edmonton in July. And if you are interested in having something similar done to an existing wrap or one that you want to buy, you can contact Shannon via the Metamorphosis FaceBook page!!

Happy Babywearing Everyone!!  (I for one am in babywearing GEEK heaven and am VERY HAPPY!!)