I am kinda PISSED...

What the Freakin' Firetruck is wrong with Hollywood?? Is there not an original idea floating around anywhere in La La Land these days!!

I just heard that Ridley Scott is planning to revisit and remake the world of "Blade Runner"

This is the icing on the shit cake that includes the overly cheesy Kenny Ortega announcing (and then shamelessly plugging away on So You Think You Can Dance) the remake of "Dirty Dancing".

What is wrong with these people? Why can they just leave the classics alone and let them BE CLASSICS! Especially the classics that they made in the first place!

Blade Runner and Dirty Dancing are two of my favourite movies of all time. The mere thought of someone other than Patrick Swayze playing Johnny is unfathomable to me. And can someone please explain to me who on earth they can get to embody the anguish and yearned-for human existence and memory that was Rutger Hauer's portrayal of the replicant Roy Batty?

And while I am ranting about this, can any of you comic book geeks out there please explain to me why all the super hero movies need to be "re-booted" every few years? The Hulk, Spiderman, Superman and now even Batman? And these are just the so-called 'good ones'....

Maybe I am just a purist. I like things to stay the way they were originally made. I want new generations to appreciate what came before them and see the value and talent and awesomeness that was. I want my kids to watch Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and Back to the Future when they are old enough and know how cool they are in their originality. I want them to appreciate original art and a good movie....

...or a completely cheesy one too!!

Damn it people, NOBODY puts Baby in a corner!

And by "Baby" I mean Jennifer Grey, before the nose job!!




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