It's all about ME! {at least for today}

Please forgive me, but today's post is all about shameless self-promotion!!

It is turning out to be a great week at Natural Urban Mamas and for a lot of really awesome reasons.

1. As I mentioned before, Natural Urban Mamas is now the Exclusive Canadian Retailer for the Cosy Baby Happy Mommy 3rd Generation Mei Tai. These are amazing and beautiful baby carriers that are custom made-to-order! I am so excited to be able to offer these to our customers and I am working on some great new and exclusive prints for you all as well!

2. I started the Summer Blogging Challenge! 31 posts in 31 days (this is post #3). I have done something similar before and I will get it done again. I just have so much to write!! I really hope my typing can get a bit faster so that it can keep up with all the posts floating around in my head! Check back daily for your dose of Natural Urban Mama and a nice diverse list of other fab bloggers too!

3. Yours truly has entered into a 'VOTE for me please' contest! The lovely folks at Modern Mama are having a contest to find out who the best Alberta Mama Blogger is and I am in the running! The prizes are quite nice and something I could really use to spiff up the site and the blog (especially the EPIAR SEO Site clinic!!). All for your reading pleasure of course!! And there is the sparkly crown that comes with winning too (or at least that is what I have heard!) see that purple button over there to your right? CLICK ON IT and head over to vote for me.........








Did you vote yet?

OK, good.

{And thank you!}

4. Tomorrow morning (August 11, 2011) at 9:30 AM, I will be on FusedLogicTV on the show Mommy Talk with Narissa Singh. FusedLogicTV is a web-based television network that produces LIVE and on location programming. On tomorrow's program I get to talk all about BABYWEARING!! What it is, why it is so awesome and why every parent needs to know more about it! And we will also do some live babywearing demos as well! After the show has aired tomorrow it will be archived and made available for viewing on demand, but I would really love it if you could all watch it live! You can even participate in the live chat room and I promise, I will try not to bugger it up too much! Tune in tomorrow at 9:30 AM to watch us LIVE on the.... umm, little screen! Past guests have included the likes of Tanis Miller, AKA The Redneck Mommy and local entrepreneur Melanie Schmidt of Little Belties.

5. I am contemplating doing a couple of challenges right now as well. One of them is a personal fitness goal, beyond the usual weight/inch-loss ones. I want to find something that really says to me and to those around me that, after all the crazy things that happened to me earlier this year, I CAN DO THIS! I have a few ideas, but for now I have to think more on what exactly that goal and challenge should be. Your suggestions for what this challenge should be are appreciated and will be considered.

6. The other challenge is a little something called Pecha Kucha Night Edmonton. Now, yes, I know, I am no architect or urban planner or designer, but I think that this is OK. Pecha Kucha has evolved since it's inception and is described as,

"...a grown-up “show and tell”. The presentations allow the audience to learn, expand their perspectives, and leave the night with something new on their mind. It’s food for thought."

It is also an incredibly challenging presentation to pull off, especially for someone as wordy as me! 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide for a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds! I am still pondering this idea and wondering if I am up for it or just kind of crazy to even think about it? I would love to know what you think....

And that is it for tonight folks.

Off I go to prep for tomorrow morning's show.

Toot, tooting my own horn all the way.....


P.S. And a BIG Thank You! to all of you for your support, whether you are near or far, for all the crazy and not so crazy things that I do!


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