I Am Pooped!

Wake up at 7 AM - Check. Bikram Yoga at 8:15 AM - Check.

Sweat buckets - Check.

Head home and drink yummy berry Vi-Shake and LOTS of water - Check.

Clean and tidy-up the house - Check.

Make lunch (grilled cheese and avocado sandwiches) for family - Check.

Cut up fruit and veggies for party - Check.

Change outfit 4 times for Stella & Dot Trunk show - Check.

Have an awesome afternoon of girlfriends, little princesses, and pretty, sparkly things - Check.

Clean up after said afternoon - Check.

Make dinner for family - Check.

Eat dinner - Check.

Take dog for a walk - Check.

Wash said dog's gunky ears - Ewwww and Check.

Wash hands thoroughly - Check.

Nurse the girl and give cuddles to the boy - Check.

Write Summer Blog Challenge post - Check.

Have long, hot shower and get to bed.......Soon.


P.S. Drool over this awesome necklace that I am SO getting just once more - Check.


Summer Blog Challenge posts for August 28, 2011