Toddlers and Heros!

Call me silly, but I am SO, so excited tonight.

A week and a half ago Annie at Phd in Parenting asked me to guest post for her awesome Carnival of Toddlers this month.

And I really can't lie, I may have done a few internal cartwheels when she sent me that tweet! Because here is the thing, Annie is kind of one of my heros. I have so much respect for her as an activist, a parent and a writer. I even sometimes think in my head when confronted with certain parenting and/or ethical questions..."What would Annie Do?"

I had the immense pleasure of meeting her at Blissdom Canada this past October and she really is as awesome in person as she is online!

So without further ado, here is the link to my guest post all about 'Toddler Survival 101'!

I do hope you like it and that you can get some tips from it to help you make it through these often trying but really quite terrific toddler years!!

Giddy as all heck,