The Organic Box - Good Food LOVE!

A few weeks ago, mostly out of desperation because I had just dislocated my hip, I ordered the 3-week trial of The Organic Box. This fabulous local Edmonton company delivers Organic produce right to your door. Year round!! And since I really could not picture me in a leg brace and on crutches pushing a cart with 2 kids around Superstore, it seemed like a very viable option for us.

The Organic Box is Edmonton's source for local organic food, delivered right to your door. They source a lot of their produce from local Alberta and BC farmers and when they can't find it here (we do have a long winter) they ensure that it comes from a fully traceable source and only buy from small producers.  They even have a list on their website of all of producer farms.

I really did not know what to expect that first week, but as you can see, they really do not disappoint! Just look at this fabulous organic bounty!

Here is how it works:

Weekly or bi-weekly, members of The Organic Box receive a delivery of seasonal organic fruits and vegetables from local and non-local organic farms and distributors. Members are notified late Friday regarding the contents of the next weekly Box and can use our website to customize their box contents until early Monday morning.

Delivery days are scheduled according to your postal code and along with your produce the Organic Box partners with some other great local companies to provide you with organic or free-run eggs, organic milk, organic dry goods and my personal favourite, organic chocolate!!  I ordered us some milk for this week and will soon be getting our eggs from them too (as soon as it warms up enough for the laying hens)!

I love that I am supporting a local company, our local farmers and I have also found that I am spending WAY less time and money at the grocery store. We are eating healthier and my kids can't seem to get enough of the fabulous apples and pears these past few weeks.  My three week trial ended last week and I am now signing up for it full time.

Good Eating Everyone!!