a few of my "least" favourite things

A few things have me all riled up today. ~ When I am really, really wrong. Like having no problem swearing in front of my kids, saying that I don't care if they swear as long as it is in context and then having them swear totally IN CONTEXTand realizing that I was WAY OFF BASE with this one. (Oops!)

~ Bad editing. Whether it be in a movie, a TV Show (Hello Once Upon a Time, I am talking to you), or a blog post. Especially a blog post. Spell Check people, know it, use it, love it! And please read and re-read your posts before you hit publish.

~ People trying to pass off someone else's work, research or pictures as their own. Show some respect and give credit where it is due. (PS. Not only is this not very nice, it is often illegal!

~ Laundry. (Not so much riled up about it, I just really don't like it and have about 5 loads that need folding right now.)

~ Oh yeah. And THIS.

The "Mommy Wars", "Judge-y McJudgertons", "Complainiacs", SAHM, WAHM, WOHM, "Walk a mile in my shoes", "You are so lucky, no YOU are so lucky" conversations, status updates, posts, and general going on and on and on, etc, etc, etc....


Rodney King said it best. "Can't we all just get along?"

Or as my mother has always said (and I am sure EVERYONE else's mother too), "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't say any of this....none of it is very nice.


um, crap....

I mean son of a ...

Oh poop, I am in trouble!

Also, I saw this video on a friend's Facebook feed today. (See how I did that.... giving credit to where I found something? Even if I didn't name my friend because I am not sure if she would want me too.)

Any who....

I really liked it, and I thought you might too.



Enough of that...

...back to happy things.


P.S. If you ever find a spelling error in my posts, please let me know so I can correct it! Thanks. ;)


Isn't it Ironic

I wrote a post last week that seems to have fueled an already burning fire. You know the one, the much-debated, 'Why do we do this to each other?', so-called "Mommy Wars". And while I stand by my message in that post, that not everyone has to or is going to like me (or you) or what we have to say, whether it is in person or online, I have since realized that the way I conveyed this message and the words I used may have seemed insensitive and {unintentionally} hurtful to some of you.

I have just read a most compelling post by Meredith Fein Lichtenberg, which echoes the thoughts I was trying to convey in my post, but does so in a much more gentle and compassionate way.

In it she talks about mom to mom cyber-bullying and compares it to the It Gets Better Campaign by Dan Savage (whom I LOVE BTW!) and she states the following:

How can you teach your children not to be mean and hateful, but turn around and diss, name-call, or hatefully criticize mothers you don't even know online?

Don't do that!

Instead, strive to understand others' decisions and predicaments, even where you can't agree with them. It's okay to be angry, but even then, try to use balanced, thoughtful language.

Try to comport yourself as a model, even when you disagree. Try to be your most honorable self.

Stop snarking at each other.

Did I use balanced, thoughtful language in my post. No, I did not. I used myself as an example of how I do things, but did not give an example of the other side of the coin or state that both are valid choices. I should have done that.

Was I my most honorable self? To me honor means honesty, so in that sense, yes, I was honorable. I was being honest about MY feelings and MY thoughts on the subject at hand.

Was I snarky? Yes. I told everyone to "suck it up" and THAT was definitely snarky.

I read the comments on my post, the local "mommy community" twitter chatter and subsequent blog posts written and struggled to not engage and fuel the fire even more...

Ha! The irony of that struggle is not lost on me.

So here's the deal everyone.  I get it.

My choice of language may not have been the most productive.  Boiling it down to the basic premise of my post, I simply want us to be free to have our opinions, to own our choices and to stand by them in the face of judgement. Because unfortunately, yes, that judgement is going to come. How we respond to it, that is also a choice we must make.

I will very likely still stick my foot in my mouth write things here or on Twitter or on Facebook that not everyone will agree with and I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read MY blog and thank you for reminding me that we are all so much more than our parenting practices. And finally, a big thank you to April, for pointing out that all may not always be as it seems.

All the best,



P.S. Please visit the It Gets Better site and sign the pledge to end online and all bullying of gay teens everywhere. (And then substitute 'gay teens' for 'all moms' and then say it again).