Dear 4 year old Son....

The following is not a word. Yesbut.

Even though you use it multiple times a day, it is still NOT a word.

When I tell you to stop hitting your sister and you say "Yesbut, she is wearing purple pants today." Still not a word and what on earth does that have to do with anything??

When I ask you to go get ready for bed and you say "Yesbut, I need to watch Dinosaur Train first." Still not a word and NO you don't NEED to watch TV now!

When I am trying to be patient and not lose my mommy cool, because it is time to go and I have asked you to put on your shoes for the fourth time and you say "Yesbut, Mommy, I just want to finish this {45 piece} puzzle!!" DEFINITELY NOT A WORD!

I love you very, very much my son and I know that your 4-year-old mind is working overtime right now and you are trying very hard to figure out your identity and your independence.

I know that you are in a kind of no-mans land right now where you are not a baby anymore and not quite a big kid yet and that this can be somewhat overwhelming and frustrating at times.

Don't worry kiddo, I will be with you through it all. When you need me I will be here and when you need your independence, I will back away, choke back my own tears and fears and see the boy that you are becoming and beam with pride.

I know you need choices and to be in control of parts of your life, and I promise to keep that in mind when we have to make decisions and get on with our days. Some things are definitely negotiable my son and some things are just not.

No matter how many YESBUTS your throw at me!!

Love you forever,

You Mother~