Week 8: chug a lug baby!

The latest from my #infinitecoaching nutritional program with Jessica at Infinite Fitness:


Human beings are made of at least 60% water. So it kind of makes sense that we need water to survive.

Our brains are 80% water and at a mere 1% dehydration level, our mental performance and physical condition starts to become impaired. This is even before thirst kicks in. People don’t usually start to feel thirsty until they have already lost up to 3 % of their body’s water.

The problem here is that water is just so…. BORING!

We all know we should be drinking the recommended 8-12 cups a day, but how many of us ACTUALLY do that?

I know I don’t.

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Week 4: The "binge" repercussions.

The lastest update from my #LeanforLife and #InfiniteCoaching program with Jessica at Infinite Fitness:

This is the reality check post.

There are a lot of inspirational stories of people's fitness and diet transformations. You hear about the success stories all the time. Heck, you see them at the gym or in your own life. The people who drop 12 or 20 pounds and who really seem to be doing all the right things. And then you get on the scale for your weekly weigh-in and....

The number is going up.

This is what happened to me last week and I am not going to lie. It got me down.

REALLY, really down...

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Everything looks harder than it is....

Here is my latest update from my #InfiniteCoaching and #LeanforLife program with Jessica at Infinite Fitness.

 I can just imagine the ad team for Nike.

All sitting around a conference room table one day, brainstorming about slogans for their biggest client. They are all talking about fitness and exercise and running and someone makes an off-hand remark… “Why doesn’t everyone just do it?”

And there you have it. Three words that have revolutionized a brand and made Nike a recognized and household name worldwide.


Even with the biggest brand in the world telling us to “Just do it”, so many of us just DON’T.

The problem in our fast-paced, busy, busy world is hidden in that original question…

Why don’t we eat better? Work out more? Go for a walk or a bike ride? Plan out our meals better? Clean out the storage room? Or our inboxes? Or our pantries?

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