Wordless Wedne... Um Thursday.

OK fine, I am just too darn tired to actually write a whole bunch tonight. I just got back from a block party meeting. Which means that, YES, I am finally making some friends in our new neighbourhood! For both me and the kids! And I can't wait for the party! It is going to be so much fun! {Okay, THAT is a whole lot of exclamation points. I MAY have had some wine at the meeting.}

Today was spent at the Edmonton Fringe Festival with my sister and her kids, and although it was an overcast day, the cousins all had a blast together!!

Our favourite street performers where the incredibly fun and cute twin sister act, The Kif-Kif Sisters from Quebec City. My favourite part of the act may have been the giant balloon boobies, but the kids loved when the sisters actually started to put their whole bodies INSIDE the balloons!



And then of course you have THESE two little toddler upstagers, totally trying to steal the show from the performers on the stage! They were even taking bows when the crowd was clapping. I was somewhat embarrassed, but also kind of proud of their first street performance as well!


And I got to hang out with my favourite little man who is growing so fast and just LOVES to talk to himself when we are taking self-portraits!

It was a good {long} day and again, I am going to aim to get to bed before midnight tonight.

Till tomorrow Mamas!



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