Week 6: the status quo revolution

More lessons learned on my path to being Lean for Life with @Infinitefit. 

The status quo. The existing condition or state of affairs.

In layman’s terms, the status quo in everything is what we like to call our “comfort zone”. It’s the place of good enough, not rocking the boat, keeping the peace, and the happy medium.

And a lot of people are very happy with the status quo.

I spent last weekend in a room full of do-gooders from my city looking for ways to challenge the status quo, to move people out of their comfort zones that privilege or race or gender has granted them. And this was one of the biggest challenges we all faced in our projects, our endeavors and our desires to do-good for our communities.

The status quo.

These feelings of “everything is just fine; this is just the way things are; you just have to accept the world we live in” are hard to eschew. They make up all the stories we tell ourselves to make us feel good about our lives. That we are not bad people, we aren’t hurting anyone, we pay our taxes, we eat relatively well, we “exercise” enough. In essence, we keep telling ourselves that we are A-OK.

But are we?

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Everyone needs a good coach in their life...

I have Jessica Zapata of Infinite Fitness. And she is going to help me to LOSE....




Jessica has told me for years now that in order to lose weight, it doesn’t really matter how much I work out, if I don’t change my eating habits, it will be all for naught.

And so here is where I get to tell you that I have some pretty bad eating habits.

Not so bad that I am putting junk food in my mouth every chance I get and hitting the McD’s drive-thru every other day, but bad enough that I don’t even think I realize how detrimental all the “little” things that I do are to my body and my health and fitness goals.

What are all these little things you ask?

Well, first of all, I eat fast. I have two kids who are in two different schools and also in various activities across the city and in order to get to where we need to be at whatever time we need to be there, MY meals tend to be rushed and not really MEALS at all. A banana here, a handful of carrots there, whatever the kids don’t eat off of their plates or whatever I can grab to eat in the car. Trust me folks, a grande skinny vanilla latte and honey-glazed almonds do not a good breakfast make.

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Natasha's Pick of the Week: Infinite Fitness

So remember a few months ago when I was all "I'm having a pity party cause I dislocated my hip and then had knee surgery and now I am all bloated and lopsided and I need a personal trainer"? Well, I found one. A REALLY GOOD ONE!

Her name is Jessica Zapata and she is co-owner of Infinite Fitness Personal Training.

And she is KICKING my butt!

I have been working out with her and doing my homework workouts at home and also trying to maintain a pretty strict diet that she has put together for me for the last 4 weeks and I am very happy to report that it is all working!

I have lost 4 pounds and am feeling so much stronger already.

It also helps that Jessica and I have a whole lot of fun while she is kicking my butt too. I am sure my abs are getting an extra bit of a workout because of how much I am laughing when we have our sessions together.

Take last week for example. We were in the middle of a workout and I casually mentioned that I can not jump. And to prove it, I then demonstrated my lack of jumping skills. (This is when you picture me trying to jump, but I look more like a two-year old, lifting my heels off the ground and not quite getting ANY AIR).

Jessica said to do it again and so I tried, again. I squeezed my knees together (cause I am afraid for my poor arthritic knee babies), scrunched up my face in DEEP concentration and jumped what was likely a quarter of an inch off the ground. And her response was, "Why are you squeezing your legs together like that, you look like you are taking a poop?"

So now on the agenda for our next session is "Jump Training".

Because here is what I have learned in the short while that I have been with Jessica. There is no such thing as CAN'T, there are only modifications. So, essentially I don't get to weasel my way out of doing ANYTHING. Burpees, yes, there is a modification for that. Push-ups, yup, those too. And now, even jumping!

And for even more of a test of my will power and resolve, I am going to do the "Body by Vi" 90 Day Challenge as well. I am really looking forward to this and will keep you updated as to my progress. I have a lofty goal of losing ~15 pounds by the beginning of September.

My good friend and fellow blogger, the awesome Jennifer Banks is also on a similar quest. Together we are going to keep each other in check and blog and tweet about our respective weight loss and habit changing journeys. Come along if you like and see what happens, maybe you might be inspired to join us too!

As for me, I had better get to sleep now. Tomorrow is workout with Jessica day and I feel like I may be in for a world of hurt...the good kind that is!!

Feel the burn peeps,