Drug Mama to Natural Mama

Once upon a time I used to do crack.... .








Okay, NO I did not really do crack.

I was a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.

So I just SOLD the crack!

And by crack, I mean antidepressants, diabetes medications and shhhhh, (whisper) vaccines. I worked for one of the biggest Pharma companies in the world and I was DAMN good at my job (like 6 figures good)!

Selling drugs definitely had its perks. A new car every couple of years, trips to exotic locales for "business meetings", and a nice fat bonus if I sold A LOT of drugs.

Man, sometimes I really miss those days.....le sigh....

Drug Mama

I was forced to quite that life in the Fall of 2006. FORCED (for medical reasons).

And was reborn on December 11, 2006.

Actually, I birthed a whole new person on that day and HE changed me.

Every teeny, tiny bit of me.

And he may never know how much I needed that change.

He made me the Natural {urban} Mama that I am and then his sister arrived and further added to that process.

So, here I am today.

Off the crack and ON so much more of a natural HIGH!!

Loving my {drug-free} life,