My {much needed} hormone fix... a room full of Incredible Women and one Baby.

I am not going to lie folks. It has been a rough couple of days for me.

I have been "capital G" grouchy!

Just ask my kids. (Poor babies!)

And not just grouchy. I have been irrationally irritable, I have had absolutely NO patience for anything or anyone and I am grinding my teeth almost to the point of lock-jaw.

And I am bloated.

It was this last thing that tipped me off as to what the heck is wrong with me....

I am totally PMS'ing!

Now you maybe wondering why this is making the cut as a blog topic, but to be honest, this realization kind of shocked me. You see, I am not, nor have I ever been a very pre-menstrual kind of gal. No cramps, no crazy moods, no nothing (don't hate me)! And with my current form of birth control (Mirena) I rarely even get a visit from dear Aunt Flo.

So what is a girl to do to get out of this PMS funk??

Why drink some red raspberry tea and then get out of the house and into a room full of amazing women of course!

Which is exactly what I did.

Tonight I attended the first Social Circlet event in Edmonton. This local networking event was arranged by the lovely ladies of Bibagogo and was a great opportunity to meet with a lot of great businesses and business women (and a few men) that I have up until now only "met" online. The setting was perfect, the food and wine was great (props to my girl Amanda from D'lish Wine Bar for the amazing Truffle Mac & Cheese and Leah from The Art of Macaroons for the spectacularly sweet, melt in your mouth macaroons) and the company I was in was simply fantastic.


A room full of women making it on their own terms, doing what they love and living their passions is a powerful drug and it was just what I needed tonight.

Well, that and some smooshy cuddles from Maureen from Tangible Moments almost two week old daughter!! I love me some new baby pheromones and a sweet little oxytocin fix!!

Thank you so much everyone!



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