folk fest friends

At 11 o'clock at night when I am taking down my tent in the dark, at least one of my children is having a meltdown of epic proportions and you see me trudging back up to the South Gate at the top of the Edmonton Folk Festival hill with all of our day's paraphernelia, you may wonder to yourself, why does she DO this? I was quite late to the Folk Fest game for an Edmontonian. I did not discover the amazing joy of this weekend until my early 30's. And then I was HOOKED! The music, the hill, the LOVE and yes, the beer tent. It's all just so good.

It is not an event that Natural Urban Dad enjoys (he likes to call it the Hippy-Gypsy festival and likes toilets that flush way too much to even step on the hill), but it is something that I love and that I wanted my children to love.


Because yesterday, we were sitting in front of a group of twenty-somethings at Stage 6 and one of them started helping L make a grass tower. He told me how he took his first steps on this particular hill and has been coming ever since, first with his family and now with his friends.

So don't look at me trudging up the hill and think, why not just leave the kids at home? Think WOW, what incredible memories and life experiences and MUSIC that mom is sharing with her babies! Expereinces that one day they will share with their own babies, or with someone else's little one building a grass castle on the hill!

Feeling the hippy-gypsy love of Folk Fest!



This is my Day 11 post for the Summer Blog Challenge. I say it counts because I totally wrote it all in my head last night.

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Chimparoo Woven Wraps and Mei Tais

You all know that I love babywearing, that is kind of a given.  But what you may not know is how much I LOVE babywearing with woven fabrics!  Woven materials are the IDEAL fabric for babywearing. They are soft, so beautiful and because they are NON-stretchy, they are STUR-DY. A good woven wrap offers optimal baby support as well as wearer comfort. You can use woven wraps from day one of your baby's life all the way up to....well, let's just say I know a few 4 year olds who still enjoy a nice piggy back in a woven wrap!

Case in Point!

I am very happy to announce that the Chimparoo line of woven wraps and mei tais have arrived at Natural Urban Mamas. Chimparoo is a Mama-Owned Canadian company out of Quebec and all of their baby carriers are made right here in Canada and are 100% Oeko-Tex certified. So yes, they fit all the criteria for products carried by us!!

Often the hesitation with buying a woven wrap is cost.  Some of the European brands can be a bit pricey.  The Chimparoo line of woven wraps are very well priced, with the longest length (5.5 metres) coming in at just under $100.00. This is well below the average $130-180.00 for some of the popular European brands.

Trust me, the versatility and long-term use of a woven wrap can't be beat. You can learn to wrap your baby on your tummy, your hip and your back. A Chimparoo Woven Wrap truly can be the ONE baby carrier that you buy for the whole length of your babywearing journey!

Each Chimparoo wrap comes with a DVD and instruction booklet, outlining all of the different ways to tie your wrap and don't forget that you can also book one-on-one babywearing consultations with Natasha or attend one of our local workshops to learn more.

The Chimparoo Mei Tais are also in stock and they are simply amazing!  These mei tais are made with the same woven material as the wraps and are not only incredibly beautiful, but also super duper comfortable and so easy to use. The construction of these Asian-inspired baby carriers also makes it so that this is easily one of the mei tai brands that I would highly recommend right from the start with your baby.

The sides and front of the body of the Chimparoo Mei Tai have these lovely little toggles on them that can shrink down the body of the carrier to really hug the baby and help get them in the proper positioning for babywearing and the built in head rest is perfect for when nap time happens to coincide with babywearing! The waist straps and shoulder straps have just the right amount of padding to them and again, because of the sturdiness and non-stretch of the woven fabric, these mei tais are great for kiddos up to 35+ pounds!


What more can I say Mamas, these really are some great Canadian-made baby carriers, I am so happy to have them at Natural Urban Mamas and I don't think you can go wrong with carrying around your little Monkey in a Chimparoo Baby Carrier!!

Happy Babywearing Everyone!


P.S. Don't forget to check out our SALE section for some really great deals on natural, fair trade and organic baby essentials!!

Resistance is futile....I will get you (and you will love me for it)!

Today I chased down a woman who was wearing her baby in a forward facing out carry in a Mei Tai baby carrier...yup, that was me!! (See  * and ** below for how this all panned out!)

Here is the thing. I really am not some crazy lady going around badgering all moms out there who I think are not doing things 'right'.

What I am is an experienced babywearing mama and a certified babywearing educator. I have spent the last 4 years carrying my children around in baby carriers on my tummy, my hip and my back and the last year educating myself and gaining even more experience as a formal babywearing educator.  I understand the mechanics of babywearing, the benefits of babywearing and the joys of babywearing.

When I stop a mama or a daddy to discuss their babywearing, I am not doing it to be a nosy ninny or a crunchy mama know-it-all. I am doing it because, even if they don't know it, what I am about to tell them WILL help them do it better! My advice will likely make their use of the baby carrier more comfortable for them and for the baby. The information I share is meant to inform. Decisions to do or not do what I say are completely up to the parents.

And that is my goal.  To help parents make better decisions about what baby carrier to get, what babywearing can really mean to their parenting and how to do it so that all parties involved are getting the full benefits of this amazing practice.

Today, I worked a wonderful trade show and co-ran the show's "Stroller Check". The concept being that you come to the show, check 'in' your stroller, check 'out' a baby carrier and do some hands-free, paraphernalia-free shopping. What I learned, yet again, is that there are many misconceptions, much misinformation and so many mamas who need to know more about using baby carriers and jumping on this amazing babywearing bandwagon!

Here is some of what I heard today:

"Hes' already 14 months old, I can't wear him anymore!" (Says who??)

"There is no way my toddler is going to like that!" (this from the Mama who's little one immediately fell asleep and had a good 45 min nap in the Pipa Pack while her Mama finished off her shopping)!

"I have a Baby Bjorn, but I don't find it very comfortable". (Uhm, duh!)

"But, my baby only likes to be worn facing out." (Have you tried a back carry?)

And then there was the whole slew of new mamas who were given a carrier or bought a baby carrier or sling, but had no idea how to use it.

And so I wrapped, and tied and buckled all these mamas into different Stretchy, Woven and Gauze Wrap Carriers, Mei Tai's or Soft-Structured Baby Carriers.  And the results where pretty close to unanimous. Almost all of those babies came back sound asleep or just waking up from a lovely nap. And almost all of the mamas came back with this look of wonder on their faces, like they never knew life could be SOOOOO good.

And that MAKES MY DAY and my job so worthwhile!

Yes, yes, I know, I run a retail business. I am in the business of selling a product and making a profit. But the true joy in what I do is knowing that the products I sell and the services I provide actually have an impact on someones life.  What I do changes peoples lives for the better, even if it is just a little bit.

....and I get to hold babies all day long. And trust me, THAT, never gets old!!

Happy Babywearing Everyone,


*For more info on WHY I chased the mama, please read THIS comprehensive article about babywearing and the reasons behind why forward facing out is not a recommended position for wearing your baby.

**and P.S. The Mama was leery of me at first, but listened to what I had to say and we eventually found a proper position that worked for both her and her baby!