#JANphotoaday wrap up!

Day 29. In my fridge.Stella. And yes, I put my bread in the fridge... don't judge me!

Day 30. Nature. My Day of Awesomenimity Present  from Natural Urban Dad.

Day 31. ME!! (Again) In black and white to make it seem all artsy!

Thanks for following along. I hope you have enjoyed my pics.

And it seems some other blogger chickita (who knows that I love her), has challenged me to this month's

#FEBphotoaday Challenge!!


been slacking...

Ooops, it was a busy week and while I did take my daily pics, I have not had the time to post them until today.


Day 23. Something Old.

The only thing I have from my dad, an antique Dutch wall clock.

I love this thing!

Day 24. Guilty Pleasure.

We have impromptu kitchen dance parties!

Day 25. Something I made.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear rice bag pillows

that the kids warm up every night before bed.

Day 26. Colour.

In a ring sling...

the brighter, the better in my opinion!

Day 27. Lunch.

Mmmm....mmm.... chili!

Day 28. Light.

This was a fluke picture.

I left the phone on the table and accidentally took this one.

#JANphotoaday Challenge

Three more to go!