My dog died. 

It sucks. 

I am so sad.

And lonely. 

And I know that may sound silly to some, but I work from home. When my kids and husband are gone for the day, it has always been Willow and me.

Me and Willow. 

Now it will be just me. 

I miss her begging for a bite of my breakfast bagel. 

I miss her big doggie sighs as she finally settled onto her bed for her morning nap. 

I miss her "dog sleep-barking and walking" while she slept and dreamt.

I miss how excited she would get the minute I picked up her leash and her silly dancing paws thing that she would do to show her enthusiasm for a walk with her mama. 

I miss how she used to wake me up with her disgusting doggie breath in my face and then jump up with her front paws on the bed and try to snuggle her head all the way under me.  

I miss how she loved popcorn almost as much as I do. 

I miss her beautiful mutt face. 

I miss my Willow. 

You get so used to this presence in your life. This soul that doesn't ask much from you other than love and who gives you so much of it in return, often more than you deserve. 

I hope we made the right choice for her. I hope she is walking and running and playing with all her doggie frens who passed over the bridge before her. I hope she has an unending supply of pizza crusts and apples.

I hope she knows how loved she was and how much she meant to me.


Long have our shadows walked side by side in this life. 

Forever will she be in my heart. 

Commissioned  Artwork by JC Little .

Commissioned Artwork by JC Little.