Here's to so much more.

Here's to strong women.....

And to the ones who haven't quite realized their strength yet,

to the ones who know the value of vulnerabiltiy, and lean into it,

to the ones who society thinks are weak because they can't leave just yet, 

to the ones who are too scared to step forward into #metoo,

to the ones who can't truly be who they are inside because it is not safe,

to the ones who are barley keeping it together, 

to the ones who need four cups of coffee to get going each day,

and the ones who want a glass of wine at the end of it.

Here's to the women who post #selfies as an act of rebellion,

and to those who think they look too damn cute and just want to celebrate that fact. 

May we know them...

may we know when it is time to sit down, be quiet, and listen,

may we know what it is like to de-centre ourselves from conversations where we don't need to talk,

may we know how to unlearn our own unconscious biases, 

may we know the true meaning of intersectionality and apply it to all our efforts.

May we be them...

may we be whatever the fuck we want to be,

may we become better at listening, better at seeing, better at including,

may we beware of the traps of the patriarchy and not continuously fall into them, 

may we be beacons for those who need them to find their way.

May we raise them...

may we raise each other up, always,

may we raise money for organizations that support all women, that are run by women, for women,

may we raise a generation of women and femmes who won't settle for anything less than anyone else,

and may we all keep this fire in our bellies, no matter how small it may be, for more than just this day...

Because it's the small smouldering ones that we need to keep feeding....

they are the ones that will one day ignite and be the flame to light the path for more to follow, 

and some of them will also burst into flames like A FIERY FUCKING PHOENIX and burn this shit to the ground!! 




... Anywhooooo,